Amanda Bynes fit to face trial over DUI charge

amanda-bynes-starts-fire According to TMZ, Amanda Bynes will stand trial for the DUI charges.

The judge has determined Amanda is mentally capable of understanding the nature of the criminal charges she faces, despite being diagnosed as a schizophrenic with bipolar disorder.

A source told TMZ yesterday (November 20): ”Amanda’s case was in Mental Health Court this AM, and the judge read the court-ordered medical evaluation of the actress, and determined she is now competent to face the DUI charges. Amanda’s lawyer, Rich Hutton, did not object to the findings so the criminal case – which was put on hold – will not go forward.”

The troubled actress was arrested in 2012 for DUI and the upcoming trial is most likely to end in a plea bargain.

amanda-bynes-blue-wigBynes was placed in a psychiatric hold back in July after she set a fire on the driveway of a stranger in Thousand Oaks, California. She has since been treated in a private facility in Los Angeles and will reportedly be home for Christmas. Her mother will care for her in the family home under supervision.

A source said: ”Amanda’s meds and psychological counseling have sufficiently stabilized her so her doctors will let her leave the Malibu rehab facility.”

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2 responses to “Amanda Bynes fit to face trial over DUI charge”

  1. Annete says:

    I do not understand how a sick person can be responsible for her actions. Still, Amanda has enough money to cover the charges and help the stranger to cover the expenses and stress she caused. Now, when she is doing better mentally she must understand what she has done. I hope this will never repeat in this you girl’s life. She deserves to be happy and she is lucky to have such a loving and supportive family. It is good she will meet this Christmas at home.

  2. Nicky says:

    The guilty will pay, but I hope she feels better and that what has happened to her mental health will never repeat! Amanda Bynes did indeed a crazy deed and needs to pay for it; at least she has the money. I hope she feels better when home, especially for Christmas. She is lucky to have the support of her family and friends.