Amanda Bynes freaks out in Atlantic City

amanda_bynes_635341 Reportedly, Amanda Bynes lunged at a man who was trying to take her picture at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City on Friday night. Bobby Cohen saw the actress and wanted to take a photograph of her but she started screaming at him.

Bobby’s son Brett Cohen said: ”She was stumbling and reeked of alcohol. She was carrying a huge handbag and something that looked like a pet carrier but I was hoping there wasn’t an animal inside because of the way she was holding it.” When his father tried to take a picture of Amanda, she freaked out. ”She started yelling at my dad and lunging at him. I told her ‘Amanda, you can’t do that, leave him alone’ and she just freaked out screaming, ‘he can’t take my picture’. A couple of security men came by and tried to calm her down and keep her from my dad,” Brett added.

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