Amanda Bynes might return home

amanda-bynes-2 According to TMZ, Amanda Bynes might leave rehab and return to her family home in December.

The troubled star has been under medical care since July when she started a fire on the driveway of a private residence in Thousand Oaks, California. Amanda was acting very strange for months and it culminated with starting a fire. She was placed at UCLA medical center first and then moved to The Canyon rehab in Malibu in September.

As TMZ reports, the doctors have stabilized Amanda and she could be released into the care of her mother next month.

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2 responses to “Amanda Bynes might return home”

  1. Bruce says:

    I hope Amanda gets back to normal. This was crazy what she did and I hope she will be same sweetest girl as we know her. I also hope she will change her hair color. It is time to get an adult, dear and be responsible for what you do! I ma happy her family is with her to support in this difficult moment. I hope she joins her parents this December. A great Christmas gift for the entire family! I hope the outcome is positive!

  2. Billy says:

    Good news, get well, Amanda! I will keep my fingers crossed for your fast recovery and rehabilitation to the normal life. I hope all the worst is behind and this was the first and the last time you had to come through this! You are a very beautiful and talented, girl and you deserve to lead a normal life full of love, care an attention!