Amanda Bynes to sign rap contract

bynes Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has already revealed her plans to start a music career. Now it looks like she is close to signing to Brick Squad Monopoly records.

Amanda has asked rapper Waka Flocka Flame to help her with her first rap single and Waka thinks she has a potential. He told E! News: ”She wanted to produce a single so that she could potentially have an album. So she was like, she wanted to go to the club and she wanted to be inside the club. So I’m like, you know I’m the king of the club, not to be all arrogant, but that’s just what the fans voted me. So I might as well go ahead and take her to the club and…introduce her to the lifestyle.”

amanda_bynesNot only does Waka believe that Amanda can be a huge success in the rap industry, but he also thinks she is a great person who is simply misunderstood. He said: ”Yeah, she’s a cool person, man. She’s actually cool, like, I don’t know, I felt like I guess she’s misunderstood, or I guess she is probably just doing it just to make people, like, I don’t know…she’s cool man, it ain’t nothing like that, she’s ultimately cool. She’s a great person, and the industry better get ready for her.”

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