Amanda Seyfried wouldn’t go fully nude in ‘Lovelace’

amanda In an interview with Total Film magazine, Amanda Seyfried talks about working on her new movie Lovelace – a biopic which focuses on adult movie star Linda Lovelace’s life.

The 27-year-old actress, who plays the titular role, refused to shoot full-nudity scenes, saying: ”There’s no full-frontal nudity. I want to save something for my husband!”

She also says that, even though there are some love scenes in the movie, they are not as ”graphic” as viewers may expect and reveals that working with her co-star Peter Sarsgaard was very easy and fun.

Amanda-Seyfried-300x204”It really wasn’t that graphic. I used a popsicle to simulate going down on him and I was laughing the entire time. The way the film is shot, it looks sexual but it didn’t feel that sexual or invasive while we were doing those scenes. What’s great about Peter is that he’s the easiest person to do anything with. You can be like, ‘Drop your pants’ and he’ll just shrug and say, ‘Alright.’ The violence was really much more of an issue for him and also for me to react to. I had to go someplace else to get through those scenes,” Amanda said.

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