Amy Adams studies photos of hereslf

Amy+Adams+Hollywood+Reporter Amy Adams has a unique way of preparing for red carpet events. She actually studies the photos of herself to make sure she doesn’t make the same beauty mistakes twice.

She told Marie Claire magazine: ”It’s part of my preparation for major red carpet events. That said, on one occasion a hair stylist made my hair enormous – but rather than freak out, I thought, ‘I’m just going to take my big hair out for the night – you work it, girl.’ ”

Amy also revealed that she has made serious make-up mistakes. ”I love black eyeliner in the inner corners of the eye, I tried it once and it made me look like a beady-eyed little beast. Instead, my make-up artist Stephen Sollitto applies individual lashes at the outer corners, to open up my eyes,” she said.

amy-adams-oscar-2013_600x450The Man of Steel actress takes good care of her skin and likes to treat herself with luxurious facials from time to time and especially before important events. She said: ”I don’t tamper with my skin before an important event. But in the run-up to the Golden Globes or the Oscars I’ll have a facials with the wonderful Marion Simms at Skin Sense – a wellness center in Beverly Hills.”

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