Amy Adams wanted to be a doctor

amy Oscar-nominee Amy Adams is a successful actress but her dream was to become a doctor.

Growing up, the Hollywood star wanted to go to medical school, but she wasn’t very good at chemistry and finally decided to go for acting.

She told People: ”I knew I wanted to be an actor. I wish I had a more inspiring answer… I wanted to be a doctor or a performer and I failed chemistry so that left me with this option.”

Amy, who is a mother to a three-year-old daughter Aviana, says Meryl Streep is her inspiration. She admires the legendary actress for being able to perfectly balance her work and family life.

amy'adams”I’ve been inspired by a lot of actors, it’s hard to pick one. Meryl knows I always name her and the reason is not just because of her amazing ability, which is unquestionable, but it’s all the balance that she’s been able to achieve in her life. That’s something I hope to attain so I look to her not only as an actress but as a woman, and as a role model,” she added.

Amy has received her fifth Oscar nomination this year. She is nominated in the Best Actress category for her role in American Hustle.

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5 responses to “Amy Adams wanted to be a doctor”

  1. Juliya says:

    Amy Adams is a damn gorgeous lady and a very talented actress. The fifth Oscar nomination only focuses our attention on this fact! I do not know what doctor she would make if n problems with chemistry were at the college, but acting is definitely her cup of tea! I do not think medicine has lost much, but cinematography definitely won having Amy Adams!

  2. Tim says:

    Sometime our fate brings us where we less expect and crashes our cherished dreams. I did not think Amy Adams regrets he is not the doctor now. By her happy smile everyone can tell she is happy with acting and enjoys it really much. I am glad this woman has found her place in life and I admire her desire to find equilibrium between successful career and happy harmonious family life.

  3. Leanne says:

    Amy Adams, has chosen a great example to follow, as Meryl Streep is one of the best actresses the world has ever seen. All the movies where she performed turned out being if not legendary than the least very successful. Ha ha, failed chemistry and that is why she became a famous actress, though it is a very long path that she walked, probably this kind of answer has annoyed maybe young actors who are struggling for their place in Hollywood, now. And from the other side Amy is lucky enough if not to be a doctor, than to perform it on the stage, which is almost the same thing, so who can say that she is not a fully successful person now? I guess there will be no such a person whom would be able to state something like that.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Wow, that was certainly not nice towards Hollywood and other young actors to say something like that. Being an actor is a true blessing and I think every person should be proud of that, instead of talking about it as of some not important thing, like “I wanted to be a doctor or performer, so when I failed chemistry test I decided to be an actress”. Hmmm, on the place of movie producers I would never turn my attention upon this spoilt brat anymore. I hate when people are not grateful for what they have, but are trying to show how rough and tough they are. These kind of people in reality represent nothing, and I guess that Amy Adams or is stupid in order to say something like that, or simply is a nothing.

  5. kit says:

    I like Amy Adams, she is cute not very beautiful but certainly cute. There is something about her that catches the eye, probably that is why she got so many roles during her not long but certainly full of events life. Well done Amy, I hope to see you in some more movies, and it is a pity that you didn’t won the Oscar nomination, maybe next time you will be much luckier or the movie where you will perform would be more worthy.