Angelina Jolie buys Brad Pitt a heart-shaped island

angelina-brad Brad Pitt turns 50 on December 18 so his wife-to-be Angelina Jolie decided to surprise him with a unique gift.

As The Mirror reports, she bought him his own private island off the coast of New York City. Angie spent more than $20 million on the heart shaped Petra island.

The island features two properties on it, both designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who is Brad’s favorite architect.

A source told The Mirror: “As soon as Angelina heard the island was on the market she arranged a viewing. She was really impressed. The house is perfect for romantic getaways or as a family retreat. It’s very private.  And Angelina knows the fact the island is in the shape of a heart will mean so much to him.”

The main house on the island boasts panoramic views of the surrounding area and skylights that afford the property plenty of natural lighting.

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One response to “Angelina Jolie buys Brad Pitt a heart-shaped island”

  1. Mindy says:

    AWWWWWW! She is so romantic. The gift is very expensive, but Angie is not cheap. I am happy she has found the island that has such a romantic shape and that the island contains not only a beautiful scenery, but also properties designed by Brad’s favorite designer. Angie definitely has got a great taste, and we all can see this on her husband-to-be choice.