Angelina Jolie to support cancer charity

angie Angelina Jolie’s family are setting up a new cancer charity and the actress will support the organization.

The charity, named after her mother Marcheline, aunt Debra and uncle Raleigh, who all died of cancer, will promote cancer education. Angelina and her fiance Brad Pitt will help the foundation.

Ron Martin, Jolie’s uncle said: ”Angelina’s father Jon Voight will be involved, her brother James Haven will be on board. Angelina will help. She and Brad Pitt are humanitarians. It’s something so close to home.”

Angelina’s family is happy that the actress uses her celebrity power for good causes.

Her cousin Francis Bertrand told Grazia magazine: ”It’s great that she uses her star power in the right way. Her mother believed life was meaningful if you gave back. I hope Angelina inspires with the message she gives. It means a lot to her to be acknowledged. She speaks from the heart.”

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2 responses to “Angelina Jolie to support cancer charity”

  1. Monica says:

    Bravo, Angie! The most common name used when it comes to different sorts of humanitarian help and charity. I am sorry to hear that Angelina has lost do many dear and close people due to cancer and that she has made an operation on her to prevent her from getting ill. Having come through all this she, really know what it takes to have someone close dying with cancer. I am happy she uses her popularity in the right way. I am sure her mom would have been proud of her daughter if she were with us. Rest in peace, Marceline!

  2. Jena says:

    Angelina is the best. I am happy she is into various charity these days yes, she used her fame in the right direction. I hope more of the wealthy people will join the organization. Many people all over the world suffer and die with this awful disease, so, lets unite to help those, who really need our help. They are a part of a big family – our world!