Angelina Jolie wants to become Namibian citizen


Angelina Jolie is reportedly working on becoming a citizen of Namibia so she can use the title of dame.

Jolie has been made an honorary Dame for her campaigning work against sexual violence in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honors. However, the actress cannot officially use the title because she is an American and now she is trying to secure Namibian citizenship, since this country is part of the Commonwealth.

A source told The Sun: ”Angelina was blown away when she was made a dame. She thinks it will add gravitas to her in her humanitarian work. Gradually she will focus less on acting and more on world issues and this helps to detract from her Hollywood history.”

Namibia is the country where Angelina gave birth to eight-year-old daughter Shiloh, who has Namibian passport.

”We would welcome Angelina Jolie to make an application for citizenship, just like anyone else,” the Namibian Embassy said.

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