Anthony Mackie cried after landing role in ‘Captain America’


After spending years lobbying Marvel movie bosses for a role of superhero Falcon in the new Captain America sequel, Anthony Mackie shed tears of happiness and pride when found out he was the one who got the part.

He told the Associated Press, “When I heard I got the role I broke down in tears. I realized two years from that date some little brown boy was going to be at my door in a Falcon costume on Halloween. When I was a kid I didn’t have that… Being the Falcon is monumental.”

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4 responses to “Anthony Mackie cried after landing role in ‘Captain America’”

  1. Lars says:

    This is so cool when your childish dreams come true, even when you are an adult! I can understand why there were wet eyes! This is I something that Antony Mackie has been cherishing all his life since the childhood. Now he won’t be wearing just a costume of superhero Falcon, but be him on the huge screen!

  2. Hannah says:

    I think it is obviously a kind of moment that each person has in its life, at least once, the moment of glory, and usually people act in two possible ways, they or do take the moment and get everything from it at the maximum possible level, or they simply make this moment vanish, and it is the epic fail every person regrets till the rest of life. I am very happy for Anthony Mackie, as obviously he deserved the role, I saw the movie, and I should say that I loved it, it is an awesome movie that is loved by every single person in the universe. I wish there were more movies of this kind, which are honest and kind, and do not teach bad things as the majority of other movies released lately.

  3. Rosie says:

    Anthony Mackie was probably born under a lucky star, as he really deserved getting that role, and he performed it at the maximum possible level, I loved the movie, and the actors in it, I am wondering that if there will be a second part of it? And if it will be I should say that I already cannot wait till its release, as I am sure it will be not less good than the first part. Chris Evans also performed very well in it, but for him it was not the first time when he performed a role of a superhero. He was simply amazing in the “Fantastic Four”, so I guess for Anthony Mackie it is only the beginning of a great carrier in Marvel Studios, I am sure that with his talent and abilities he will earn one day a star of his own on the Walk of Fame.

  4. Lina says:

    The movie “Captain America” was simply fantastic, I have seen it already for three times with different friends at the cinema, and I can say that if I will go a few more times to see it, I will still not get bored of it, I guess it is pretty clear that the movie became one of my favorite ones, though I cannot say that I like the theme with superheroes and so on. Probably I just like the smocking hot Falcon in the movie, and can’t wait to see him in the other movies, it will be a shame if such a great potential won’t be properly used by the producers.