Antonio Banderas: Melanie buys my clothes

antonio-banderas-1-630x378 In an interview with S Moda magazine, Antonio Banderas has revealed that he is not a fan of shopping and so his wife Melanie Griffith buys him all his clothes. ”Melanie buys me almost everything. She has good taste and knows me well. I only buy single items, shirts, slacks,” he said.

The actor admits he doesn’t really have sense of  style and he is aware he’s had some fashion disasters over the years. He said: ”I am now ashamed to see pictures of me from the 80s with red shoes, white trousers and transparent shirt. I used to think that was great!”

antonio-melanie-readAntonio recalls that his first appearance at the Oscars didn’t go well because he decided to wear a new pair of shoes that hurt his feet. ”I was going to present an award with Sharon Stone, wearing a tuxedo. But I made the mistake of wearing brand new shoes. I got the wrong size and they were way too tight. I was told to take them off, but I kept them on. I went out and gave the award, but was only thinking of my feet throughout. I was in pain,” he said.

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