Antonio Banderas waiting for script for ‘The 33’

Antonio Banderas and Paz Vega Present New Fragrance 'Her Golden Secret' The production of The 33, a film about the 2010 Chilean mining disaster, is set to begin in late November but it might be delayed. Antonio Banderas has revealed he is still waiting to receive the final script for the movie.

“Everything (for the project) started quite a while ago, more than a year-and-a-half, but so far, right now, despite having a commitment with the producers of the film, I still have not received the final script,” the actor said.

“They’re continuing to work on it, cleaning it up, having conversations with those people who experienced this event… Whenever you play a person who existed, along with the acting work, there’s a sense of responsibility, because it’s a living character,” he added.

Banderas will join Martin Sheen and Rodrigo Santoro in the film which will document the 69 days 33 Chilean miners spent trapped underground after a shaft collapsed in 2010.

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One response to “Antonio Banderas waiting for script for ‘The 33’”

  1. Teddy says:

    It is always difficult to portray a living character. However, I believe in Antonio. He is a great actor and will do the job brilliantly. I understand why it takes so long to get the script. To shot a movie is a great job and requires much time, effort and it is a self-giving process. I just hope the time spent on it is for the best of the movie, not the worst, as it happens sometimes when people work on one thing for a long time.