Ashton Kutcher Involved in Fight at Stagecoach Festival

ashton-kutcher-involved-in-violet-fight-at-music-festival A friendly chat with a fan turned into a nightmare for Ashton Kutcher at Stagecoach – a country music festival in Indio, CA. According to the reports based on eyewitnesses, the actor was involved in a violent confrontation with a security guard at the festival after the guard tried to block a fan from greeting him in the VIP area.

A woman approached Kutcher to shake his hand. He went to greet her when security intervened and shoved the two of them. Ashton got really mad by the guard’s actions and fought back. They were shoving each other violently and who knows what might have happened if the actor’s friends didn’t pull him away. After the incident the security demanded that Kutcher be ejected from the festival. However, the eyewitnesses say he left the event on his own even though he wasn’t the one to start the fight.

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