Ashton Kutcher: One-night-stands are ‘gross’


Speaking to Men’s Fitness magazine, Ashton Kutcher said that one-night stands are ”gross”.

The actor believes that, even though single life can be fun, it eventually gets tiring.

He said: ”Being a single guy can be a lot of fun … when you’re financially independent and can do whatever you want, whenever you want…. For every girl you have a good time with for one night, if you want to stay single, that’s the same girl that you have to not call back. After a while, being the one-night-stand guy is also just a little gross.”

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One response to “Ashton Kutcher: One-night-stands are ‘gross’”

  1. Jessica says:

    One night stands are awful! They look ok at first sight for the independent people, who do not want any responsibilities in life and are not ready for serious relationship. Still, they do not understand how devastating is having sex with new partner that you do not have anything with – just this animal instinct. This way the sexual energy is not being accumulated correctly and you end up devastated and exhausted. While making love fills in you with the right positive energy and bring you not only physical, but also moral and spiritual satisfaction.