Ashton Kutcher to propose during holidays

ashton-kutcher-and-mila_3873576 Now that his divorce from Demi Moore has been legally finalized, Ashton Kutcher is making plans to propose to Mila Kunis. He reportedly told his friends that he wants to get engaged to his former That 70s Show co-star over the upcoming holidays.

A source close to Ashton told ”Ashton and Mila have talked about getting engaged and married for quite awhile. He wants to get engaged during the holidays.”

The insider added: ”Ashton’s been waiting for his divorce to be over for a long time. He was annoyed it took so long. It was hanging over his head.”

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3 responses to “Ashton Kutcher to propose during holidays”

  1. Helen says:

    Congratulations for Ashton that his divorce procedure is finally ended, though I feel pity for Demi Moore. Still, happy for Mila and need to confess I am for the marriages between the partners of the same age or not a big age difference, but this is just my personal humble opinion. I know they plan to have kids and start a family, so I hope he really proposes her soon and in the nearest future we will see Mila’s pictures in a gorgeous wedding dress. Aston, you can breathe out with relief – no more ties with Demie Moore.

  2. Andrew says:

    I hope eh proposal would be romantic and beautiful as in the best romantic movies where Mila was acting in. she is a very beautiful lady and she deserves to love and be loved, have a family and it is better be done in the best way. So, Ashton, please do not frustrate Mila and us, your fans with your upcoming proposal!

  3. Miranda says:

    Mila is definitely happy. I have heard they want to start a family right away after marriage. I hope their dreams come true and God gives them many kids, healthy, beautiful and successful as their parents. Congratulations to the couple.