Ashton Kutcher to propose to Mila Kunis

mila_kunis_and_ashton_kutcher_684638 Now that his divorce from Demi Moore is finalized, Ashton Kutcher is planning to propose to Mila Kunis.

Mila and Ashton have been dating for over a year, but the actor wanted to wait with the proposal until his divorce is final. He and Demi split in 2011 and Ashton filed for divorce in December 2012. The legal battle is finally over after the actor agreed to hand over part of his fortune and some shares in his technology business to his ex-wife.

A source told The Sun: ”Demi and Ashton’s divorce has cast a cloud over his and Mila’s relationship because it’s dragged on for so long. Thankfully Demi’s turned a corner. She’s no longer bitter and she wants the divorce over and done with as soon as possible so she can get on with her life too.

Demi-Moore-Style-Profile”She’s agreed to a settlement of several million and some shares in Ashton’s various technology start-ups after he persuaded her to attend a tech conference with him to see for herself how much they’ll eventually be worth. They’re all happy and the papers are signed and with the lawyers now, so Ashton’s free to officially propose to Mila.”

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3 responses to “Ashton Kutcher to propose to Mila Kunis”

  1. Roman says:

    Hollywood celebs, they change their partners so frequently! I hope the union of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher lasts. They do not have a great age gap as in case with Demi Moore. No matter what they say of age difference,. For many couple sit still doesn’t work. Or maybe Hollywood popularity is to blame for? Well, nevertheless, I hope Mila will make a beautiful and happy bride.

  2. Becky says:

    Ashton and Mila will make an adorable couple. I would like to see Mila in a wedding dress. She would make an excellent bride. So far, I wish the guys happiness and much love and patience to each other. You are cool!

  3. Maria says:

    Absolutely adorable couple! I would be happy to see the pictures from their weeding. Still cannot understand hwy would Mila like wearing Demi’s dresses – leftovers. This is I what my mind doesn’t like to accept. Well, maybe it is just gossiping, but I saw pictures. Maybe, someone can offer me another explanation?! Please, I would very much like it!