Ben Affleck blames paparazzi for putting his kids in danger

affleck In a new interview with Playboy magazine, Ben Affleck says that paparazzi are putting his kids in danger.

The actor blames the photographers who follow his children around for making them easy targets for being stalked. He has revealed that thanks to the photos paparazzi made, a dangerous person managed to get too close.

Affleck says: “They used to take pictures of our children coming out of preschool, and so this stalker who had threatened to kill me, my wife and our kids showed up at the school and got arrested. I mean, there are real practical dangers to this.”

ben-affleck_3969725The Argo star doesn’t mind the photographers following him around and taking his photos as he sees it as part of his job, but things are different when it comes to his kids.

“You can yell at me with a video camera and be TMZ. You can follow me around and take pictures all you want. I don’t care. There are a couple of guys outside right now. Terrific. That’s part of the deal. But it’s wrong and disgusting to follow children around and take their picture and sell it for money. It makes the kids less safe,” he explains.

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One response to “Ben Affleck blames paparazzi for putting his kids in danger”

  1. Rick says:

    I totally agree with Ben Affleck. These paparazzi do not let people live calmly and safely. They manifest celebrities’ lives to the public. I cannot even imagine how famous people feel. This must be annoying. Still, however, when it touches the kids, it is something very important. I would arrest such paparazzi for putting the kids under such great risks. I understand that everyone tries to make money, but not at such a great price. I fully support Ben Affleck.