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Considering how much money they make it’s only normal to presume that celebrities leave good tips, but not that’s not the case with all stars. Some leave embarrassingly small tips and others think it’s enough to just sign the autograph instead of giving money for service. However, we’re not going to talk about those cheapskates now. Here we give you a list of the most generous celebrity tippers.

 Jessica Simpson








According to, which placed Jessica among its Best Celebrity Tippers, Jessica once dined with her mother, assistant, and two other friends at New York’s Lavo restaurant and deposited a $300 tip on a $500 bill. But that’s not all. She also left a note for the waitress: “You were amazing and make this world a better place, Love Jess.”

Drew Carey








Drew Carey, comedian and host of The Price is Right, is also a legendarily good tipper–arguably the best in Hollywood. Known to consistently give tips in the hundreds (he once tipped $400 at a steakhouse), he is a regular at Swingers, a cafe in LA near CBS Studios; he always leaves $50-$100 tips on meals there that cost less than $20. What’s more, when the Writers Guild went on strike back in 2008, he kept tabs open at LA-area diners like Swinger’s and Mel’s and all a writer needed to do to get a free meal was show their WGA card.

Bill Murray

Bill Murray







One waiter reports that not only is Bill Murray a big tipper — reportedly throwing down a 120 percent tip on top of a $60 check — but he’s also helpful. He showed the waiter how to make lemon wedges juicier by rolling the lemon on the cutting board prior to slicing it.

Drew Barrymore 








Whenever she goes out to a bar, she always pays double her bill. Ana Ortiz, a former bartender and one of the stars of Ugly Betty, used to wait on Barrymore back in the day; according to her, Drew was a constant delight who’d always tip handsomely.

Charlie Sheen








While he occasionally gets in trouble, Charlie Sheen is a consistently generous tipper. He once left a waiter a tip in the same amount as the bill, a pretty hefty bill. And that was years before he became a sitcom star. At beauty salons, Charlie tips his hairdresser $100. For his daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday party, he slipped each member of the event staff $200.

Paris Hilton








Paris Hilton has surprised many with how she takes care of wait staff. Paris reportedly tips drivers, hairdressers and manicurists handsomely. She is also said to be very friendly, greeting everyone.”She meets and greets everyone personally and is never rude,” insists one source for The Sun.

Russell Crowe

NRL Rd 26 - Dragons v Rabbitohs







He may be notorious for his temper, but Russell Crowe sure knows how to leave wait staff in awe with his generosity. When he and his friends stopped by Carew Inn in Tenby, South Wales, the actor was in a good mood and ended up entertaining the crowd by playing the guitar and singing rock songs. And, on top of that, he left an almost $1,000 tip.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift







Taylor was eating at an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia with pals Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone when she found out the head chef’s autistic son was a big fan of her music. For a tip, she left a couple concert tickets and $500.

Brad Pitt








Brad took Angelina and kids out to a sushi restaurant in Germany for her birthday last year, and ordered $1,000 worth of food. After the meal, he left his waitress a $846 tip. “They took their shoes off, like all guests and ordered everything on the menu,” the waitress told Germany’s BILD newspaper.

Johnny Depp








While filming Public Enemies in Chicago, Johnny Depp made friends with Mohammaed Sekhani, a waiter at Gibson’s Steakhouse. When he returned there for the premiere of the film he went to eat at the steakhouse again, this time with co-stars Marion Cotillard, director Michael Mann and a dozen others.After the meal was done he tipped Sekhani an extra $4,000 on top of the $4,400 bill.




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