Beware! Top 10 Worst Celebrity Drivers!

Beware! Top 10 Worst Celebrity Drivers! The stars usually perform positive or negative characters in the movies, but what happens when in real life they are doing not very decent things, such as for example driving under the influence of alcohol, or some drugs? That would be the moment, when we cannot do anything about that, and our reaction would be the most honest one towards their deeds. Among many international stars there are representatives that are very negligent drivers. Feels like their wages allow them to hire a personal driver, but no celebrities are increasingly becoming the participants, and in the majority of cases the reason of the road accidents. This is the rating of the worse drivers among celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanAnd the first place of our rating goes of course the “nasty” girl Lindsay Lohan. After she has got the role of Elizabeth Taylor (and her life started getting back to normal), in the movie “Liz and Dick” she got into a car accident. Even though, police officers claimed about the innocence of the star, there are a few people who can hardly call the actress a good driver. In her personal record, there are a few arrests due to driving under influence, due to which her driving license was taken away from her. But she is not the only bad driver in Hollywood; there are more than dozens of other bad drivers whose cars are supposed to be avoided on the road.

In May 2010 Lohan did not appear at the hearing of the case of violation of traffic rules while being under influence of alcohol. Judge has issued an order for her arrest, which was withdrawn after the bail.

Lohan’s lawyer said that her passport has been stolen while she was at the Cannes Film Festival in France. In May 2010Lohan was ordered to attend weekly educational lectures about the harm of alcohol, and she started wearing “temperance” bracelet which was stopping her from abusing alcohol and she was ordered, to regularly test her blood on presence of various drugs in it.

Mischa Barton

Mischa BartonThe second place for a very bad driving is given to the young actress Mischa Barton, who got into car accidents a variety of times, when she is driving it is much better to not even going out of the house. Mischa was born in January 1986 in London. Soon her father got a job in another country that is why when the little girl was five years old her family relocated to New York. During summer Mischa and her sister were sent to children camp. In that camp was made a contest where children were supposed to say a monologue, which she successfully did, as a result she was spotted by one of the viewers, who was the person looking for young talents, he has offered her a job of an actress. Her carrier has started with small roles in the theater; in 1995 Barton successfully went through the casting for one of the main roles in the performance “Slavs”. For this role she had to learn speaking with Russian accent, together with her performed the Oscar winner actress Marissa Tomei.

After a successful debut on the theater stage, Mischa Barton has found a job on the television, in the show “All my children”. At the same time, Mischa has started a carrier of a model in the “Ford” modeling agency, but it was never meant for her to become a very successful top model.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda BynesOn the third place is located the actress Amanda Bynes, the bad experience of the young actress who was the star of Nickelodeon channel, is teaching everyone that it is necessary not to write messages while driving a car, as well as it is not good to overtake a police car in the wrong place, as usually it ends up with a trip to the police department.

In 2012 actress has become the reason of a several car accidents (including the ones which were made due to being under influence of alcohol), as a result she was deprived of driver’s license. In May 2013 Amanda was sentenced for three years under probation.

A few days later the porter of the house where she lives has written a complaint to the police that the actress is abusing drugs and alcohol outside the borders of her apartment.

When the police came to arrest her in her apartment, she has thrown all the drugs that she had in the apartment through the window, but it didn’t really helped her, as the police officers have seen her doing that, and took her to psychiatric examination. Amanda was treated in a prestigious Rehab clinic which is located in the center of Malibu.

Due to drug and alcohol problems, Amanda Bynes has passed through a tough time and as a result of her depression, she stopped acting.

Nicole Ritchie

Nicole RitchieThe forth place in this rating is occupied by the it girl in the past, and the person who loved partying most of all, but as soon as Nicole Ritchie got married she became an exemplary wife and mother, who in her early youth could easily drive her car on a huge speed on the opposite side of the road.

In February 2003, Nicole Ritchie was arrested in Malibu. She was charged with possession of heroin and driving a car with driver’s license which was cancelled.

In December 2006 Ritchie has been arrested on the suspicion that she was driving a car while being under the influence of drugs. She confessed that she was smoking marijuana and was consuming a variety of painkillers, but she never agreed with the charges that were dropped against her.

At the court Ritchie was sentenced to four days of prison, also she got a penalty, and three years under probation.

In August 2007 Ritchie got into Lynwood jail , in order to spend in it her term, but was released eighty two minutes later due to the fact that the prison was overcrowded, and the character of the crime  she was convicted for, was non violent.

In December 2010 Nicole Ritchie got married with Joel Madden with who she was in a relationship since November 2006. Together they have a daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden (born in 2008) and a son Sparrow James Midnight Madden (born in 2009).

Britney Spears

Britney SpearsOn the fifth place is located another “mean” girl Britney Spears. Of course she could not stay away from this kind of rating, as this is the field she also has shown herself not from a good side. She didn’t only crushed into another car and trees but also has left the car in the middle of the road with a flat tire, not to mention the time when she was driving a car with her son on her knees during driving, though Britney has commented the incident with driving the car, with her son on the knees, that she simply tried to protect him from paparazzi who were chasing her and her son, for the sake of pictures that they later have sold.

Due to a variety of car accidents the court has announced that Spears should give blood every single month in order to show that she is not consuming drugs or alcohol, and also the court has made her and her ex husband attending courses for parents, aimed to educate their kids with non violent measures. In November 2007 one of her drug tests was positive, due to amphetamines that she has consumer earlier. There was opened a new case on her, and she was on the edge of great risk to get into jail, but the worst thing that happened to her, was the fact that court has given the full custody upon children to Kevin.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie SheenOn the sixth place is the actor Charlie Sheen who has problems not only with anger management and as a result with his colleagues (this was the reason why he had to leave the popular show “Two and a half men”), but also with the automobiles- where his car or fells down from a rock, or is being stolen. Charlie was married for three times, and all the times even though there were children in each of his marriage, his women were leaving him, as no matter how much they loved him, they could not go through his aggressive character, as well as they could not stand his violence anymore. Since September 1995 till February 1996, he was married with the actress Donna Peel. Since 2002 to 2006 he was married with the actress Denise Richards, they both were shouting out loud that they are the love of each other’s life, and the big was their love to each other, same big later was their destroying hate towards each other. Together they have two daughters: Sam who was born in March 2004, and Lola Rose born in June 2005. Since 2008 to 2011 Charlie was married with the actress Brooke Mueller, they have twin sons: Bob and Max who were born in March 2009.

Lately Sheen is thinking about the fourth marriage with a adult movie actress Brett Rossi who he began a relationship with as soon after divorcing Brooke.

January Jones

January JonesThe star of the “Mad men” TV show, January Jones is placed on the seventh place, due to the fact that she is not able to drive a car while being chased by paparazzi, as soon as they start following her, she loses control over the car and crushes into other cars. January was born in January 1978 in Su Falls. Her parents gave her such an unusual name in the honor of the novel’s hero “Once is not enough” written by Jaclyn Susanne. After graduating Roosevelt High School in the native city, she began a modeling carrier. For a long time she was the official face of the “Abercrombie & Fitch” trademark. In 1999 January performed the first main role in the “Sorority” TV show.

In 1998, to 2001 January was in a relationship with the actor Ashton Kutcher, who has introduced her to the world of cinema.  In 2003 to 2006 she was dating with Josh Groban. In 2010 to 2011 she was in a relationship with the actor Jason Sudeikis, who after relationship with January has married the actress Olivia Wilde.

In April 2011 was published the news that January was expecting her first child who was born in September 2011. His name is Xander Dane Jones.


LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn RimesThe eighth place belongs to the American singer in the country style, who became famous due to the fact that she started a serious carrier in the music field since turning eleven years old; when she turned fourteen she won her first Grammy award. When she was fifteen she wrote a pop ballade “How do I live” which spent in the Billboard Hot 100 more time than any other song which was ever performed by a singer during the entire history of the Billboard. That was the first multi platinum single in the history of country music. In October 2000 LeAnn returned on the peak of hit paraded in the United States, Europe as well as Asia with another Warren song “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” which was the soundtrack for the movie “The Ugly Coyote”. This song made Rimes one of the most popular not only singers but actresses as well, as LeAnn Rimes has appeared in the movie as well, this has improved her music carrier. The album which was released in January 2001, which was called “I need you” with the main song in it “Can’t fight the moonlight” was sold in more than eight millions of copies throughout the entire world. The only weak point that LeAnn Rimes has, is driving while being chased by paparazzi, as they simply lead her to a car accident.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique IglesiasOn the ninth place is located Enrique Iglesias. In 2007 while trying to get rid of the crowd of admirers and fans after the concert, the hot Spaniard Enrique, accidentally drive on the legs of the eleven years old girl. After this terrible accident the little girl was not longer happy for the personal meeting with the star.

Enrique went to a regular public school; even though he lived in a rich family he always preferred regular jeans and t-shirts, instead of wearing expensive designer clothes. Even in his regular life there was a place for weird things. Enrique Iglesias suffers from insomnia. It is interesting to know that even he likes a regular lifestyle, at the same time he likes having expensive “toys”. In one of Miami airports is located his private jet, while in the sea ports there are a variety of his yachts. When he was at school everyone was surprised with his charisma and sense of humor. Since being small, he always was a part of various society events and since those times he doesn’t like expensive clothes, and at the same time cannot stand away from Ferrari or Porsche car. Even though he has a lot of money now, he performs in jeans and t shirts, and his favorite food, is fast food.

Billy Joel

Billy JoelTenth place of our rating is taken by the sixty three years old musician Billy Joel who can be called a “champion” in the car accidents. Starting with the year 2002, he has lost the control over his car for a few times, and all those times he was smashing either into a house, or into a tree.

Joel was born in quite poor Jewish family. His father Howard Joel worked in an electric company, and in the free time he performed classic music on the piano. When he was four years old he started playing the piano. When he was a teenager he got sick of being beaten in the streets as a result he decided to become a boxer, this way he spent twenty two successful fights on the ring, until the moment when his nose was broken. At school Billy was not studying very well, so in the moment when he was invited to become a part of a school band, his marks haven’t become better, as all the time he had he was dedicating to the music. Their band was playing a weird psychedelic hard rock- without guitars; Billy Joel was the person in charge for the vocal. The only album of the bans was named “Attila”, and was recorded on the Universal studio, but became a total disaster on the stores, as a result that bans has collapsed and Billy started a carrier on his own, a carrier which later became very successful.

George Michael

George MichaelBritish singer George Michael would never be able to say no to driving, even after his driver’s license was suspended for two years. He had to start thinking about it, but he never learnt the lesson, as a result one year after the accident he smashed one of the London’s stores on his Range Rover car.

In September 2010 London’s Court Haber Corner, has sentenced Michael to eight weeks in the jail for driving a car under the influence of drugs, and got a penalty for keeping marijuana. The singer was arrested in July when he smashed a photo store in Hampstead. On the court which took part in the end of August, George Michael has accepted his guilt, for which he was sentenced with two months, and he paid a fee of 1250 pounds. In October 2010 the singer was released after spending four weeks at the prison.

In May 2011 the singer announced about a new tour which began by the end of August. The first show was in Prague, and there were planned sixty other concerts, which were later cancelled due to the fact that the musician felt bad, and after getting to the hospital his doctors have forbidden him from any kind of activity until the time when his health condition will stabilize.

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3 responses to “Beware! Top 10 Worst Celebrity Drivers!”

  1. Tara says:

    I think it is fuc**** obvious the fact that Lindsay Lohan is a bad driver, i mean how can it be in any different way considering the fact that she is always drunk or under drugs?! I am wondering how is it possible the fact that she does have a driver’s license and she really is allowed to drive?! I understand that probably when she was getting her license she was a different person who cared about the way how she was behaving, but now for me it is more than obvious that she doesn’t care anymore, so if i were her parent than i would forbid her from driving alone, but that is only in the case if she really is listening to the things her parents are requiring her, for me it becomes pretty obvious the fact that she doesn’t really care about many things.

  2. Cindy says:

    I think that those four famous girls, i mean Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, are supposed to be put in one and same order according to the things they are doing in life, as well as in driving. They all depend on their money and do not thing of the consequences of their deeds, their souls became vicious, and i am not very happy about that. Most of all i feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan of course, because if in the case of other girls, family was the stimulating thing for becoming better, than in her case there is no one who cares what she is doing with her life and so on. I guess Paris is the one in charge for ruining the life of each of those girls in this or that moment.

  3. Rita says:

    I don’t really understand what has happened with Amanda Bynes, she used to be such a good girl a long time ago, even a better one than Lindsay Lohan, but unfortunately this girl has gone bad as well, i don’t know what is her problem but i do know that she has dissapeared from my field of view for quite some time already, i guess the good thing about it is that i do not read some articles stating that she has an unusual “nasty” behavior, but at the same time i cannot say that she has a great one, as she does nothing, she seats at home where she hides from the society and frommy own experience i can certainly say that it is not a good thing at all, probably there is some battle going on in her brain.