Bill Cosby dismisses ‘The Cosby Show’ reunion


Despite the previous rumors, it looks like there won’t be The Cosby Show reunion after all.

Speaking to, Bill Cosby has revealed he has no plans to team up with his TV family for a revival.

He said: “We laid out eight years of trying to do our best and we did a great job because the people came in numbers, saying the following, ‘I want my house back’.

“And we took the house back by way of the TV. That’s what I wanted to take it away from. I was tired of seeing little kids, not that they were brighter, not that they were smarter, but they were just ill-mannered children with no respect, and writers were giving these lines to these children. I kept thinking, ‘These writers must have had a horrible time, horrible experience with the parents’.”


However, the 76-year-old comedian does want to make a comeback on the small screen and reveals he is in talks with several TV networks.

“I am happy to announce that there are certain networks giving me time to go into their office to explain what I have written and what I want to do and many of them sound very receptive,” Cosby added.

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One response to “Bill Cosby dismisses ‘The Cosby Show’ reunion”

  1. Alec says:

    It is rather sad news that there will not be the reunion of the great TV show I admired and laughed at for so long. “The Cosby Show’ reunion would have been great and was an event that I was very much looking for. Still Bill Cosby’s explanations are very reasonable, that is why it makes sense why no reunion is going to happen. Nevertheless, I hope to see the new works of this talented and unique comedian on other TV networks.