Brad Pitt Obsessed with French Jam

brad_pitt_623156 It all started when Brad Pitt had his first taste of special French jam made by Christine Ferber, who is well-known in the jam making community. The actor immediately fell in love with the delicacy which costs around $18 a jar. He decided to fly to Alsace, France, where the jam is made, and buy one hundred jars of the posh preserve. So, that’s about $1,800 for the fruity delicacy. What’s even more bizarre, he and his partner Angelina Jolie actually have a special room in their Brignoles villa where they keep the jam.

file brad pitt angeline jolie engaged 13.04.12A source told Daily Mirror: ”Brad is very particular about what he eats but fell in lust with this jam. He turned detective and discovered Christine has a little shop in the Alsace region, where she makes the artisan jams. It is very well known among the jam-making fraternity. From here, he jumped on a plane with Maddox and checked the place out first-hand. They had a brilliant time, tasting loads of jams and Christine’s other homemade delicacies. They came away with dozens of pots. He and Angelina have now had to designate a special room just to store it in their Brignoles villa. And now Brad is even beginning to experiment with recipes of his own.”

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