Brad Pitt worried about his family’s safety

181222532 As a father of six children, Brad Pitt has lots of worries on his mind. The actor admits that sometimes he thinks about safety of his family so much that he cannot sleep at night.

He told USA Weekend: “That’s the only thing that keeps me up at night. Just thinking, ‘Is everyone safe?’…There’s safety when they’re climbing the jungle gym, you worry a little bit. There’s safety when they’re out playing. There’s safety when you know they’re all in their beds and everyone’s sleeping right. Then there’s worry when one gets sick. It’s the normal parental woes and worries.”

file brad pitt angeline jolie engaged 13.04.12Brad and his fiancée Angelina Jolie do not take their kids with them when they travel to dangerous countries. “We don’t take them into the dangerous places in the world. And as far as trying to protect them from celebrity or celebrity-hunters, that’s any major city. That’s any urban hub anywhere. We’re always better in the country,” he added.

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