Britney Spears: I love Jennifer Lopez

britney-spears-leaving-her-hotel_3908993 Speaking to, Britney Spears has revealed that she loves Jennifer Lopez and her movies.

Naming We’re the Millers as her most recent favorite movie, the singer added: ”I also love Jennifer Lopez movies. I love Jennifer Lopez.”

Britney previously said that she admires Lopez and everything she does.

”Jennifer Lopez is my idol – she’s so beautiful and even though she’s gotten older, she hasn’t aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that,” said Spears, who would like to do some acting herself again. ”I would love to act. I would love to do movies. If it was the right part, it would be really cool…I love funny movies.”

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One response to “Britney Spears: I love Jennifer Lopez”

  1. Timothy says:

    So, Britney, who hates Beyonce, decided to get back into the cinematograph? If not singing, then acting? We all like funny movies, and we hope that Britney will act funny too. Well, if this is what she wants to do then she should try it again, but do it greatly as Jennifer Lopez does for us to enjoy. Jennifer looks stunning at her age and to my eyes even better than when she was younger. Definitely, here I agree with Britney, Jenny has become older, but never aged.