Brooke Mueller wants full child support back

brooke-mueller-heads-for-fred-segal-in_4101999 According to sources, the only reason why Brooke Mueller is allowing Charlie Sheen to see his sons is because she wants more child support money.

Last Tuesday Charlie spent the day with their four-year-old twins, Bob and Max, but that was only because Brooke wants to gain back the full amount of $55,000 in child support. She is currently receiving $20,000 a month.

A source told ”There is only one reason why Brooke allowed the boys to go over to Charlie’s house last week. She is desperate to have her full child support payment. Brooke is a smart woman and knows if she is in Charlie’s good graces, he is more likely to give her the money. It has been very hard for Brooke to live on $20,000-a-month because she has to pay for her sober coaches and ongoing expenses related to her recovery.”

charlie.sheen_.5_opinuns.122013Mueller is also said to be uncomfortable with her boys meeting Charlie’s new adult movie star girlfriend, Brett Rossi, but she is willing to put up with that too.

”Brooke doesn’t like Brett spending any time with the boys, but knows if she fights it, her chances of getting the $55,000 go out the window,” the insider added.

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5 responses to “Brooke Mueller wants full child support back”

  1. Meredith says:

    Well, this is said that Brooke allows a father to see his sons only because she will be receiving a full child’s support. Well, a very smart step form the financial point of view, but what about her preferences in life and her right choices? Or was the entire thing planned due to the money matter?! If so, this world sucks! I me earlier people loved other people and used thing and nowadays it has become vice versa. This is very sad!

  2. Samuel says:

    Brook has gone so cheap. Why not let the father to see his kids not for money, but because he is their father, if she considers him so bad and even scary for the kids why would she sell the well-being of her kids? Or was she just rising the price artificially? I cannot understand why would she come to grips with letting their kids to be in the company of a porn star that she totally hates? Well, it is definitely, their business, but money rules the world! So sad!

  3. April says:

    I am so sick of mothers who are manipulating their children in order to get some money from their rich fathers. I mean a child is the most precious gift from God, so how can you trade this child for something like that. Brooke Mueller, doesn’t like Charlie’s new porn star girlfriend, so why is she allowing her boys sitting with that woman for God’s sake? I cannot understand that for sure. As well as I am not able to understand how come there are so many beautiful women chasing Charlie during his entire life as he is known to be a tyrant who is doing domestic violence. This woman is going through rehab, but still was given the custody upon children who are four years old, how in the Earth it is possible!? She wants fifty five grants? I say that even twenty is too much for someone like her.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Seriously? One is a person known for the domestic violence that he is doing while the other one is going through a rehab. I am wondering how come two small children were given to any of them, I guess I wouldn’t allow them even sitting near the twins, not to mention living with them, or sharing them. This is exactly the kind of situation in which children are suffering because of the mistakes their adults parents are making. And as a result when they will grow up, they might become same as their parents.

  5. Jane says:

    I hate Charlie Sheen since the era of scandals with Denise Richards, I remember he used to beat her a lot and she was tolerating that as she loved him more than anything in the world, and it sucks, as this is not the way things are supposed to be in life. People are supposed to care about each other and to live in mutual love, harmony and understanding, while all they were doing is arguing and fighting. I didn’t even know that after Denise he remarried with Brooke and had the twins. I think men like him are supposed to not be allowed having children or getting married, as Charlie Sheen is exactly the person whom you will meet for a small period of time, but he will destroy your life for good. I guess Denise Richard, no matter how many years have passed is still single, as she is not able to go through the moral trauma that Charlie Sheen has caused to her. Probably same thing has happen to the poor Brooke Mueller, I am sure that he is the reason why she is going through a rehab now. And I already feel sorry for his new porn star girlfriend, she doesn’t know yet, but same thing is awaiting for her also, as Charlie is cruel and loves no one except himself.