Cameron Diaz: Nation is obsessed with image

cameron-diaz-signs-copies-of-her_4024535 Speaking about her new book, The Body Book, in an interview with Metro, Cameron Diaz says people are too obsessed with youth and looks these days.

The actress criticizes the society for being much more concerned about image instead of focusing on ”the inside”.

She said: ”I don’t know if it’s just because I’m more aware of it now. But I do think our society is getting more and more obsessed with youth and image, especially in America. We live in a consumer nation – we constantly buy things to make us look and feel better instead of working on the inside. It’s not an external thing, it’s an internal thing.”

cameron-diaz-cameron-diaz-and-jason-segel_3937793The 41-year-old actress is hoping her book will increase her female readers’ confidence about their bodies and help them be happy and comfortable with the way they look.

”The result will hopefully stop women beating themselves up and hating their bodies. It’s so negative to compare yourself to other women. When you’re comparing yourself to others you’re saying what you have isn’t good enough. That negativity is a waste of time and energy.”

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One response to “Cameron Diaz: Nation is obsessed with image”

  1. Samanta says:

    What great words, Cameron. Yes hating what god has given to you is just a waste of time and energy. The main idea is not the way you look, but what you represent., It is cool to look after the way you look, but it shouldn’t be turn into a war for the youth when you are 40. This is I simply ridiculous. No plastic surgeries will make you youthful. The plastic faces are evident to the public and in much case look simply bad. Yes, we live in a consumer society, but we do not have to forget about our ‘inside ‘development