Carey Mulligan: Red carpet events used to terrify me

carey-mulligan-bfi-london-film-festival-inside_3907414 In an interview with Guardian, Carey Mulligan talked about life in the spotlight.

The actress says that she has become more secure since she got married.  Asked how marriage has changed her, she explained: ”I think I’m more settled and more secure than I’ve probably ever been, and more confident and excited about the work choices that I make.”

It wasn’t easy for Carey to deal with life in the spotlight at first, but she has learned how to relax and now she doesn’t see red carpet events as a nightmare anymore.

”I didn’t really have as much fun as I should have done. I found it’s all a bit terrifying,” Mulligan said. ”Now I don’t get so nervous about standing on a red carpet and going to parties; I just get it done, whereas I used to be carey-mulligan-at-lax_3986090crippled by fear. Standing in front of a photographer was a nightmare.

”Now, as of last week, I’ve done a talk show where I wasn’t totally freaking out. My publicist said, ‘This is the first time you haven’t been completely terrified and you were all right.’ Usually I’m weird. I don’t have a public persona. And when you go on these shows, you have to tell the anecdotes, and I can’t, really.”


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One response to “Carey Mulligan: Red carpet events used to terrify me”

  1. Monica says:

    We are all not born famous and it takes the hard work to get used to becoming a popular persona and know how to behave and cat on social events. I can tell that Red Carpet is a very demanding thing and requires much from its visitors, no only concerning their looks, but also attitude and acting. I am sure Carey is coping very well and I am happy this has become less stress for her after she got married it would be not for her benefit to worry much every time when she needs to be out.