Catherine Zeta-Jones happy her kids love dance

MDF97779-01-02-2013-04-02-06-70 Catherine Zeta-Jones is thrilled that her kids share her love for dance. The actress is very happy that her son Dylan and daughter Carys have opted for dancing instead of playing sports and she proud of them.

Speaking at the New York Dance Alliance Foundation Gala, where she was honored with the Ambassador for the Arts Award, Catherine said: “My son is a great dancer as well as my daughter Carys. She actually goes to dance school in Westchester. I’m so happy because dance shoes are much more pretty outside the door than a hockey stick. I wouldn’t know quite what to do if she came home with a hockey stick, so I’m so happy she changed direction!”

Catherine Zeta Jones and Her Kids Arrive at JFKHowever, the actress regrets there’s no video footage of her as a young girl performing onstage. She added, “When I played Peggy Sawyer (in 42 Street) on the West End for two years we never had any video and my mother wasn’t allowed to take a photograph in the theatre. My mother was a really good girl. She would never break the rules. So now, every time I want to show my kids, I have to take my tap shoes out and do it in the kitchen!”

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One response to “Catherine Zeta-Jones happy her kids love dance”

  1. Meg says:

    She is simply amazing! A dream woman! I would be happy to resemble her! She is not only beautiful – but sincere, honest, charming and definitely very stylish woman. She is my beauty icon! I love her movies and I am happy she raises her kids with honor and dignity! Keep it up, Catherine!