Celebrities who checked into rehab in 2013

Being a celebrity has its many perks, but, on the other hand, with fame comes pressure and it sometimes ends in drug and alcohol abuse. When things get out of control, rehab is the only answer. Whether it is alcoholism or drug addiction, every once in a while we hear that a celebrity has checked into a rehab. Here are stars who went to rehab this year.

Chris Brown








On October 29, controversial R&B singer Chris Brown’s rep announced he’d made the decision to go to rehab. The singer had been arrested two days prior for reportedly punching a man in the face and using a gay slur. The statement from Chris’s rep only said, “His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point.”

Brooke Mueller








Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife has had a tough year. After losing custody of her twin sons, Brooke landed herself on a 5150 psychiatric hold, followed by a voluntary stay in rehab. Brooke reportedly checked herself in to UCLA Medical Center in L.A. after being detained at the same facility for her psychiatric hold. She spent four months in rehab and has now been released.

Zac Efron








Zac Efron completed a rehabilitation program in April for an unspecified substance abuse issue, but no one found out about it until September. According to TMZ, the actor was using cocaine and molly (the street term for pure MDMA, or Ecstasy).

Josh Brolin








Josh Brolin got into a verbal fight with a cab driver and a physical altercation in a Los Angeles bar in November before checking himself into rehab in Northern California.

Amanda Bynes








Following her involuntary hospitalization for schizophrenic behavior this summer, Amanda Bynes checked into The Canyon in Malibu, though she wasn’t being treated for addiction. She was released to her parents’ house in December.

Cory Monteith








Cory Monteith was one of the tragic examples of rehab failure this year. The Glee star stayed at a treatment facility for a month this spring, to overcome his drug addiction. But he relapsed in July, dying of a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol.

Lisa Robin Kelly








In another story of a trip to rehab that turned terribly tragic, That ’70s Show star Lisa Robin Kelly checked into rehab, but died mysteriously in her sleep. No clear cause of death has been determined, despite a completed autopsy.

Lindsay Lohan








Lindsay Lohan logged her sixth stay in rehab this year — a 90-day stint ordered by the court for that time she lied to cops about driving in a fender bender last year, which violated her probation. The troubled actress served her sentence in, reportedly, a few different facilities before settling down at the Cliffside Center.

Philip Seymour Hoffman








The actor shocked everybody by announcing in May that he’d just finished rehab. He’d been popping pills and snorting heroin after 23 years of sobriety.

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2 responses to “Celebrities who checked into rehab in 2013”

  1. Paul says:

    Look what fame does to people. They simply cannot stand it – they lose control or do not know what to do being too spoiled. In rare case a rehab is need due to the nervous background connected to the family matters and divorces. For the greater part it s having fun and not knowing how to entertain themselves, abusing drugs, alcohol and being too much of an opinion about their own personality. All this bring to the mental sickness. People, be simpler, enjoy life and stop be anxious of people wanting to have your money, relax!

  2. Michelle says:

    I see fame and popularity make peoepl get crazy! Wow, well, being a public figure really affect the personality and it can become a burden for many. Having become famous and prosperous many celebrities get into wild partying and consuming illegal substances that bring to sad consequences for their physical and mental health. Too many become anxious about the publicity and paparazzi and get real mad. Well, who said it was easy to be popular and rich. This is another side of the coin, ladies and gentlemen!