Celebrities who spent time behind bars

Being rich and famous doesn’t mean you are above the law and some celebs had the chance to see this for themselves. You would actually be surprised at how many stars have done time behind bars. And we don’t mean just overnights from DUI. We’re talking about real jail time. Check out the list of celebrities who served prison sentence.

Tim Allen








Tim Allen was caught with 1.4 pounds of cocaine, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and spent two years in jail. He went to prison in 1979 and got out in 1981.

Mark Wahlberg








In 1986 Mark Wahlberg served 45 days of a two-year sentence in jail. He was charged with attempted murder and assault after he pleaded guilty to attacking a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and knocking him unconscious with a large wooden stick while yelling racial slurs.

50 Cent








In 1994 50 Cent served 6 months in shock incarceration boot camp, where he received his GED. Police search found heroin, crack-cocaine and a starter gun in his home.

Robert Downey Jr.








In 1998 Robert Downey Jr. served one year of a three year sentence at the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison for missing a required drug test during his three year probation sentence that he was given after he trespassed into a neighbor’s house high and fell asleep on a bed.

Paris Hilton








In 2007 Paris Hilton was pulled over for speeding and driving without a license. She also violated probation after failing to enroll in a court-ordered rehab program. Hilton only spent three days in jail, but she left with an electronic ankle bracelet and had to stay under house arrest for 40 days.

Wesley Snipes

66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra)







Wesley Snipes got himself arrested for tax evasion, not filing over $17 million worth of income from 1999-2001. He also was charged with filing false information to get refunds. He was in jail from 2010 – 2013.

Lindsay Lohan

"Scary Movie V" - Los Angeles Premiere







Lindsay has spent between 84 mins and 14 days on several stints behind bars. She was charged with misdemeanor theft and violating probation.

Christian Slater








When Christian Slater was charged with assaulting his girlfriend while he was high and drunk in 2007 he was sentenced to three months in jail along with an extensive rehab program. Slater served 59 days of the three month sentence.

Danny Trejo








From 1961 to 1972 Danny Trejo spent 11 long years in the slammer when he was busted on drug and robbery charges. He also was ordered to attend a 12-step program.

Michelle Rodriguez








In 2007 Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez served 18 days of a 180-day sentence after violating probation. After a previous DUI arrest, she failed to perform her designated community-service hours or follow her alcohol education program; so, she was shipped off to jail. She wasn’t released early for good behavior, but for prison overcrowding.

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2 responses to “Celebrities who spent time behind bars”

  1. Terry says:

    Thanks for the very interesting article. Well, we are all humans and we all have our merits and demerits. We all make mistakes and we are all emotional people, who like to have funs sometimes drive drunk, being high or over emotional with our partners. I am happy to find out that even celebrities get arrested for misbehavior and breaking the law. I see all of them were set free much earlier than it was supposed to be done. I hope for a good behavior and not bribes.

  2. Jenny says:

    Well, I am happy that the law works for the celebrities too and for breaking it, they go behind the bars. I also wonder of they were released due to the good behavior or just because they are famous. Well, with the last case mentioned in the article it is clear that the prison was overcrowded, what about the rest?