Celebrities who suffer from allergies

It is believed that more than fifty million people in the USA have some kind of allergy, and some famous faces are among them. Recently, Miley Cyrus had to cancel a concert due to severe allergic reaction, but she is certainly not the only celebrity struggling with allergies. Here are some others affected with the same problem.

Halle Berry







Halle Berry is a successful actress and a mother of two, but she also lives with allergies on a daily basis. Berry is reportedly one of the 7 million Americans who are allergic to shrimp. Unlike other food allergens, a shellfish allergy often doesn’t develop until you reach adulthood.

Debra Messing

Debra Messing






We know and love her for her role as Grace in the hit TV show Will and Grace. What you might not have known is that she suffers immeasurably with hay fever.

Rashida Jones







Rashida Jones has major allergies to cats. Her allergies are supposedly severe enough that she has had to request shoots be delayed due to allergy attacks from cats. TV show The Office has featured cats in past episodes, such as Dwight’s dealing with Angela’s beloved cat in one episode, but luckily, they are usually absent from the show.

Ray Romano







Living with allergies is no laughing matter to comedian and actor Ray Romano. The Everybody Loves Raymond and Parenthood star reportedly has a peanut allergy, which is the most common food allergen among children.

Scarlett Johansson







Scarlett Johansson has appeared in numerous movie titles and is known for her beauty and good acting skills. However, the actress has problems with the great outdoors, mostly succumbing to problems with grass pollen. Johansson’s allergies primarily cause skin and eye irritation, as her skin becomes itchy from rashes, and her eyes swell and tear up when she comes in close contact with grass-like vegetation.

Zooey Deschanel







Zooey Deschanel isn’t new to living with allergies. The New Girl star has been open about her allergy issues for years. She’s reportedly allergic to eggs, dairy, and gluten, found in wheat, rye, and certain other grains — common allergies in people. Deschanel recently took to Twitter to vent about her allergies, writing, “My allergy pill to cups of coffee ration is WAY off today. WAY OFF, you guys.”

Billy Bob Thornton







Billy Bob Thornton reportedly has reactions to numerous types of shellfish, with his most common reaction to the sea creatures being hives.

Kim Kardashian







Kim is allergic to baby powder. There is something that irritates her skin in the talc and brings her up in a mild rash. Luckily she has Kanye to help her with their baby daughter North. Kim is also allergic to cats.

Joshua Jackson

BERLUTI Madison Avenue Maison Opening






oshua Jackson deals with lots of dangerous situations in front of the camera, but a real-life allergy complication reportedly sent him to the emergency room in 2011. The former Dawson’s Creek actor is reportedly allergic to nuts and is also an asthmatic.

Drew Barrymore







Barrymore is fairly allergic to garlic and deals with having to carefully circumspect labels of foods before consumption to avoid allergic reactions. The actress also says she is allergic to bee stings and perfume, but those allergies do not appear to concern her as much as her allergy to garlic.

Britney Spears







Britney Spears has a known allergy to bee stings. The pop singer can break out in hives when the small insects swarm and start stinging. Luckily, Spears holds most of her performances indoors.

Eva Longoria







Eva Longoria has allergy to perfume. Longoria’s allergy causes her sneezing fits and sinus swelling when she is exposed to strong perfumes and colognes. Even though Longoria wears chemically altered perfume that does not cause nasal allergies, she likely still has to be wary when she is on the red carpet.

Ellen Pompeo







Ellen Pompeo has a great love for dogs, but she has an allergy to them. Pompeo has owned as many as three dogs at a time during her life, but the animals can give her swollen sinuses and sneezing. However, she is willing to cope with her allergies in order to spend time with her dogs whenever possible.

Vanessa Hudgens







Vanessa Hudgens is unable to swim in many public and private pools due to the presence of chlorine. Her chlorine water allergy can cause her skin to develop rashes and red patches depending on the length of her exposure. Chlorine water may sound like an odd allergy, but it is more common than most people think. Hudgens is able to avoid reactions to chlorine water by avoiding certain pools and using water purifiers.

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4 responses to “Celebrities who suffer from allergies”

  1. Mel says:

    We are all human and many in the present world suffer with allergies, celebrities are not the exceptions. Poor Eva Longoria cannot stand people with simple perfumes and needs to avoid smelling well to and Kim Kradashian is not surprise to have an allergy for baby powder – a great excuse to make Kanye take care of their baby but hard to believe he does it. They have money to hire a babysitter.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Awe I remember the first movie I saw with Debra Messing, was the one where she hired a man, a very handsome one I should add, in order to represent her new boyfriend in front of the family and friends at her younger sister’s wedding. I don’t remember the name of the movie, but I do remember that it was an awesome one. I loved it from the first second till the titles in the end moment. I guess this is exactly kind of movie that every single girl in the universe would love, because it gives the emotion and confidence that true love really exists and is waiting somewhere in the closest future for me, all that is needed is having some patience and trust that soon everything will be just fine, I guess that it is exactly what is needed in order to maintain the level of happiness required.

  3. Brenda says:

    I think the most unlucky actress from all the listed above with their allergies is Eva Longoria, I guess it is pretty hard for her to live with this kind of allergies considering the fact that she is all surrounded with people who of course are wearing perfumes, and I am sure they do it not in order to harm her in any way, but because they just want to look fresh and nice, especially knowing that they might meet her, I think it is an epic failure for them, to try looking better than they are, and this way only worsening their own situation. Eva Longoria is one of the most gorgeous actresses I have ever saw on the wide screen, so she surely doesn’t deserve going through some bad things, but unfortunately allergies is something that cannot be treated, it is usually a chronic thing with which you need to bear till the rest of your life.

  4. Lena says:

    Awe wow, I always loved Meredith Grey, I mean Ellen Pompeo, and now I surely realize one more time, why did I always loved her so much. It is because she really is kind and is able to forget about her own interests for the sake of other people, same as her character in the show Grey’s Anatomy. I really admire and respect that. I don’t think there are that many people in the world who would perfectly know that they will sick if touching this or that thing, and would still do that for the sake of pleasure spending time with animals. I understand her, dogs are very loyal and they would never leave their master in the case of need, not like the cats would certainly do. And dog is the animal who is able to be there in the case of sickness, as well as spend the rest of its life on the grave of the master who died for some reason.