Celebrities with dyslexia

According to the International Dyslexia Association, around 15 and 20 percent of the world population have symptoms of dyslexia. These symptoms could include slow or inaccurate reading and poor spelling or writing skills. There is no cure for dyslexia, but dyslexic individuals can learn to read and write with appropriate education or treatment. However, dyslexia doesn’t have to get in the way of success and personal achievement and some celebrities are the proof of that. Here are some famous people who are linked to the disorder.









Cher was a fatherless child and was most of the time very poor. Her mother tried to make money by singing and acting which ultimately brought Cher to follow into her footsteps. Due to dyslexia Cher decided she would quit school and try to take some acting lessons in Los Angeles to finally do what she loved.

Henry Winkler 








Golden Globe Award-winning American actor, director, producer and author Henry, who was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 35, was ridiculed for his dyslexia as a child — his parents called him Dumb Dog — so it’s no surprise that he’s become an activist for others with dyslexia. Forever known as Fonzy, Winkler actually attended the McBurney School and received his bachelor’s degree from Emerson College in 1967 and his MFA from the Yale School of Drama in 1970. In 1978, Emerson gave Winkler an honorary doctorate of humane letters. Winkler has also received a Doctor of Humane Letters from Austin College.

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars viewing and after party







“The Lord of the Rings” star talked about his ongoing struggle with dyslexia at a 2010 Gathering for the Child Mind Institute. When describing his experience, Bloom said he “had to work three times as hard to get two-thirds of the way.”

Danny Glover








Danny Glover suffered dyslexia at school when he was younger and the school staff would label him retarded. This definitely was not very encouraging for him but he ended up finding ways to feel better about himself. He says that dyslexia had given him the feeling that he was not worthy to learn and that the people around him would not care of what would happen to his education. With time he eventually regained his self esteem and became a great actor.

Patrick Dempsey








The “Grey’s Anatomy” star discussed his experience with dyslexia during a 2006 Barbara Walters special. He told Walters he still struggled learning new scripts.

Whoopi Goldberg








Whoopi had a lot of difficulty in school, she dropped out of high school, became addicted to drugs, married her drug counselor, and had a child by the time she was 19. She wouldn’t be diagnosed with dyslexia until years later. Goldberg eventually got her life on track, catching her big break when Steven Spielberg, a dyslexic himself, cast her in The Color Purple. “I knew I wasn’t stupid, and I knew I wasn’t dumb,” Goldberg said in 1994. “…If you read to me, I could tell you everything that you read. They didn’t know what it was.”

Keira Knightley 

Britain France People Keira Knightley







Keira took an interest in acting at a very young age, but struggled to learn to read. When she was six years old, her mother bribed her with a promise to get her an agent if she practiced reading every day during the summer. “She felt so guilty at having made a six-year-old daughter do this that she had to get me an agent at the end of it,” Knightley recalled in 2003.

Tom Cruise








Cruise has said that he suffered from abuse as a child. This was partially due to him suffering from dyslexia. He stated that when something went wrong, his father came down hard on him. Tom said he was diagnosed with the disorder at 7 years old.

Anthony Hopkins








Though Anthony Hopkins is one of the greatest actors today, his childhood wasn’t so easy. His father often expressed concern that he was so different to his peers. “I was lousy in school: a real screw-up, a moron. I was antisocial and didn’t bother with the other kids… I didn’t know what I was doing there. That’s why I became an actor,” he said. Hopkins also said he would sometimes have to memorize scripts as many as 250 times to overcome his dyslexia.

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