Celebrities with tragic past

Today they are beautiful, successful people loved by millions. They smile from the big screen and magazine covers. They are rich and famous and many of us sometimes wish we were in their places but things weren’t always so great for these people. Many of the most beloved stars didn’t have normal happy childhood and some of them have a really tragic past. Here are some of the saddest stories.

Charlize Theron








This South African and American actress and model had a tragic past. The father of this Oscar-winning actress was a frequently abusive drunk. During a family disagreement, her father physically attacked her mother and threatened them both while drunk. While trying to protect herself and her daughter, Theron’s mother shot and killed her husband in front of her.

Oprah Winfrey








This beloved, instantly recognizable star had a hard early life. Born to two teenage parents in poverty-stricken Mississippi, Oprah Winfrey dealt with her parents splitting early on. After a move to Wisconsin, she was repeatedly molested by male relatives beginning at the age of 9. Because of the trauma, she turned to drugs, alcohol, and love. She gave birth to a premature baby when she was 14. Her son died soon after. But things began to look up when she got her start as a reporter with a local TV station.

Shania Twain








This Canadian singer experienced much hardship. She grew up poor, to the point where there were shortages of food in her household. She lost her mother and stepfather in car accident when she was 21 and had to support her three younger siblings.

Demi Moore

AFI Night at the Movies







Demi Moore was born to a teen alcoholic and bipolar mother, with no father present. Her stepfather struggled with jobs due to addictions and resulted in the family moving over 15 times. Her parents were both severely alcoholic and physically abused each other. In 1980, her stepfather committed suicide. Moore got her break after dropping out of high school, with life improving after she landed a role on General Hospital.

Keanu Reeves








This accomplished actor has dealt with much heartbreak. His father also abandoned Keanu when he was a toddler. In January 2000, Reeves and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme buried their stillborn daughter, Ava. Just one day later, Jennifer Syme had lost control of her car in a devastating automobile accident. She was believed to have died instantly. He also lost a good friend, River Phoenix, to a drug overdose.



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