Celebrity Secrets

Secrets of the shiny exterior of the famous beauties
Age of the woman give three things: a hard look, folds from the nose to the corners of her mouth and bit the incipient double chin. Everything else seems to be no complaints about calls. Want to be learnt how to cope with the unpleasantness of the first beauty of the world?

Offer a few revelations.

Sarah Connor – a famous singer, said that to exhaust oneself from starvation doesn’t make any sense. Then the weight just typed faster, because fat cells cannot be fooled. Need to comply with diet and eat small portions.
Joan Collins first appeared on screen in 17 years. Had a 50 shot of pages in “Playboy.” 64-year-old film star said the cause “prolonged youth” sports and optimism.”Remember: Train and try all over themselves to please.”

Sophia Loren, her youthfulness explains: “I lived a completely normal live, but without frills .Do not drink alcohol or smoke. I go to bed pretty early, but I get up no later than 6-6.30.The day begins with a cup of coffee, then 45 minutes doing exercises. It is not easy, but if I give in to laziness, then a day later berated myself. «Sophie still cannot give up pasta, drink plenty of water, but rarely eats meat. One point of the daily diet is constant for more than 35 years: two slices of pineapple. Love Sophie to pineapples explained: bra élan enzyme included in their composition, “burn” fat and helps the movie star to stay slim and attractive.

Movie star and founder of Jane Fonda aerobics lately somewhat tempered the pace of their grueling exercises and now prefers to climb on the bike in the mountains with her husband Ted Turner. “Do not do the music” – admitted Jane. New fitness course the funds are calculated for 20-25 minutes. It includes a gym, stretching and aerobics to strengthen the circulatory system.

A 20 Year Old rightly envious of the perfect forms of Diana Ross, she has been playing tennis, go for long walks twice a week, “rock” in the gym. In addition, the singer is engaged in household chores, assuming that the native women’s duties contribute to the preservation of elegance and give no fat.

Tina Turner is engaged in fitness, regularly performs water treatment, daily spends 15 minutes in active walking, and uses mahi, slopes, stretching. That helps her to still be a rock ‘n’ roll star and the bright beauty, though at the time, alas, her husband was beaten mercilessly. Now Tina is happy with her new husband, who at 16 years her junior. However, the rock diva believes that for his party needed to take care not for some men, but primarily for themselves.

Tina advises eating vegetables and fruits, and, of course, less fat. “The body – the machine. Train it, and get the desired result. ”



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