Celebrity who became mothers after forty years old

Celebrity who became mothers after forty years old There is nothing better and more special in each woman’s life, than having a baby, as soon as is getting born the child, everything that seemed to be so important before, becomes simply a regular thing, and everything the mother is able to think of is her child, and when the woman is getting pregnant at quite a “mature” age, it is considered as a miracle, and even bigger happiness.

Halle Berry

Halle BerryOne year have passed since the forty seven years old star Halle Berry has born her second child, while the first one was born five years ago. According to the star her second pregnancy has became a surprise for her in the first place, because of the age in the first place, but she decided that it is a present from God and real blessing, and who she is in order not to follow it. Halle has a daughter Nahla, who is six years old, and with who she is having troubles, as she still is through the court process with her father the famous model Gabriel Aubry who wants the full custody upon the child. Halle has won a few courts, and even got a judge’s statement which was forbidding Gabriel to step closer than 100 yards to Halle or their daughter, but that decision of the judge was valid until the end of 2012, so since that time they keep suing each other. The second child Halle has born from her second husband the actor Olivier Martinez, who didn’t even had an idea that he will be able to become a father and that their family with Halle will be complete. That is why the entire family was very happy with the second child Maceo Robert Martinez, hopefully this child will end the old “cold” war between Aubry and the happy family. Currently Halle decided to take a time out in her carrier in order to dedicate herself to her family.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole KidmanA real surprise was waiting for Nicole Kidman, who during her twelve years marriage with Tom Cruise got the idea that she just cannot have babies that is why they adopted two children Isabella and Connor, as she always felt that she wants children, and while not being able to have some of her own, why not adopting.  So the news that she got pregnant became a total shock and at the same time overwhelming happiness for her- she was going through too many medicines and doctors all those years in order to believe that such a miracle could happen to her.  Nicole believes that she had to find her man simply in order to have a child. Her new marriage with Keith Urbane- have helped the miracle to happen, and in 2008, after Nicole got her forty years old birthday gifts, the God has given her the biggest gift ever- she born her daughter Sunday Rose. Two years later Nicole has born her second daughter- Faith Margaret, but this time Nicole has used the services of a surrogate mother, as she was afraid of getting overweight, especially considering the fact that she didn’t want to make a time out in her carrier, which is probably a smart move, as after forty the actress is already not that much demanded by the movie producers, and if considering the fact of a time out, that might end the carrier at all.

Salma Hayek

Salma HayekThe other Hollywood diva, who was not afraid of becoming a mother at the age of forty years old, or if more precisely at forty one years old, is Salma Hayek. In September 2007, the famous actress and one of the richest men in the world (he owns a variety of fashion houses, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and many others) Francois- Henri Pinault,  have become the parents of a charming girl, their daughter Valentine Paloma Pinault. Salma was not even scared of the fact that her future husband (they got married only two years later in 2009) has refused paying aliments to another famous actress and model Linda Evangelista who born him a son in 2006. It is interesting to know that Salma and Francois-Henri split only a year later after their daughter was born, but less than in a year they got back together and got married in Venice. According to Francois-Henri, all his life he was looking for a strong woman, for a woman who will be strong enough in order to have her own opinion, to stay for it, and who will be able to make her own decisions no matter what he will say. Salma has become exactly this kind of woman, and she was even able to make the impossible, she made him, following the things that she is saying, as a result they got married and live like a normal family.

Julianne Moore

Julianne MooreThe famous actress who is a mixture of modesty and at the same time of a sly wisdom has twice become a mother, and all of the times she was quite “late” according to the “biological watch”: her first child, a son Caleb was born in 1997, at that time Julianne was thirty seven years old, while the younger daughter Liv Helen was born in April 2002, when the actress turned forty two years old. Though, it is a well known fact that the actress is not living her life according to the standards set by the society surrounding her, as a example, the actress is married with the movie producer Bart Freundlich, who is younger than his wife with nine years. All ever since the couple got married, rumors were saying that it will not last for too long as the age difference is too big, but nevertheless they are happy together for almost twenty years, and are still truly, madly and deeply in love with each other. Together they are growing their kids in a severe atmosphere, as they prefer them to have a normal childhood with books instead of computer, and games on the playground instead of social networking and television, which is getting harder and harder for them by each day passing.

Meryl Streep

Meryl StreepThe three times Oscar winner actress Meryl Streep is a mother of four children, and her fourth child, the daughter Louise she born when she was at the edge of forty two years old. And though her daughter has grown up into a very beautiful lady who has physical appearance very similar to her mother, she still looks quite competitive on red carpet together with Louise. Meryl Streep is an amazing woman, as leaving and having happy life, after all the difficult things she went through, is simply impossible. Not a lot of people know, but she lost her first love, and fiancée only a few months before the wedding due to his very serious disease, and she was near him till his last breath, but got married in less than a year since his death with her brother’s good friend- architect Don. She married him mostly due to the fact that he was charming, and was the only person who was not feeling sorry for regarding all the things she went through. Don and Meryl are almost forty years married, and they are still happy together, no matter the fact that actors and actresses fall in love, or stop loving beloved people very fast as they get easily attracted by new people, they managed to keep their love and loyalty to each other.

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer ConnellyThe star of the movie “Requiem for a dream”, or “ A beautiful mind” where she performed with the Oscar winner Russell Crowe- prefers speaking about her children much more than about the roles that she had ever performed. Jennifer has become a mother for three times, the first time she born a baby in 1997- it was her son Kay (with the photographer David Dagan), and the other two children she born from her husband the actor Paul Bethany- son Stellan and the daughter Agnes Lurk. Their daughter Agnes was born right after her mother got forty years old, and as soon as she was born she became the family’s favorite in the boy kingdom Bethany-Connelly. After baby Agnes was born, Jennifer took a time out in her carrier in order to take a proper care of her family by herself, and lasted like this for a few years, but as soon as she was offered the role of Noah’s wife, where she was supposed to perform again with Russell Crowe, she couldn’t say no, and as a result she became a part of a epic movie, which has all the chances to become the best movie of the year 2014, at least it was the most awaited one for sure.

Julia Roberts

Julia RobertsOne of the America’s sweet hearts, and mostly beloved actress by the entire world, has born the second time in her life, by the time when she was forty years old. The Hollywood’s beauty was one of the most desired women in the Universe by the time when she met the cinema operator Danny Moder, who was very simple, but yet managed to conquer her heart with his sincere love and interest with her personality and essence, and not the fact that she is successful and is considered a love symbol.  They got married in 2002, and in 2004 were born their twins: Hazel Patricia and Phinneas Walter. In 2007, Julia has born Henry Daniel Moder, and since that time she has stepped out from her carrier, and is performing not more than in one movie per year, that is why she is very careful while choosing the scenario for the movie in which to perform. All the free time she is spending with her family in New York’s apartment, or at her rancho on the Lake Tahoe. Who would ever guessed that the woman who could any man she wanted in her life, in reality simply needed genuine care, tenderness and honesty, those simple things have made her happy.

Mariah Carey

Mariah CareyOne of the most famous singers Mariah Carey has dreamed of becoming a mother her entire life, but she was able to finally do it, only in 2011, when Carey turned forty one years old, and with the help of Cesarean have appeared the twins: Moroccan and Monroe. The daughter was named in the honor of the famous Hollywood’s legend Marilyn Monroe, while her son became the reminder of the room designed in the Moroccan style, where her future husband Nick Cannon has proposed her. For Mariah this pregnancy has became a double happiness, in the first place, due to the fact that she already has stopped dreaming or hoping that one day she will have children of her own, and in the second place, due to the fact that the father of her children has became the love of her life Nick Cannon, who as soon as entered her life, has filled it with joy, happiness and sense. Before Nick, Mariah was married for many years with Tommy Mottola, a very powerful man in the show business world, and as a part of his revenge over the singer; Tommy has done many things in order to stop Mariah’s career. But she didn’t give up and kept fighting; as a result she earned her happiness. As a result in 2008 she married with Nick, and in 2011 she born their children, which she declared would be the only children in her life, as she is not planning to have more children.

Uma Thurman

Uma ThurmanThe Quentin Tarantino’s muse and favorite actress Uma Thurman was not afraid not only to change the situation in her personal life, but also to become a mother again. Uma was married with the famous actor Ethan Hawke for seven years, and during their marriage were born two of their children:  the daughter Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke (born in 1998) and the son Levon Rouen Thurman-Hawke (born in 2002). Since 2007 till 2009 she was in a relationship with the financier Arpad Busson, less than a year after their split they got back together, and are a family now, during their relationship Uma got pregnant, and born him a daughter, her first child- Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman- Busson, who is known mostly as Luna, by the time she was born in 2012, her mother was almost forty two years old. It was quite a risk for Uma to born her, but when she was asked in one of the interviews if she was not afraid that she will get same fate as Elle Macpherson, who had a relationship with Arpad before her, and whom he left without even having a second thought that they have two children together, Uma answered that she was never afraid of losing a man, and that anyway she will be able to take care of herself and her entire family.

Kelly Preston
Kelly PrestonJohn Travolta wife- Kelly Preston has become a mother again in the age of forty eight years old. The actress has born a son: Benjamin Hunter Callao, who became a real savior for his parents and entire family, and has helped them going through the sorrow that has happened in their family, than their first son Jett, has died a few years ago during their vacation from the disease that he had since he was born. Kelly got married with John Travolta in 1991, and they were crazy about each other at those times. In one of the latest interviews John Travolta has stated that his wife means everything to him, she is the best wife in the world, best mother, she is his best friends, and best adviser, and he doesn’t know what he would do, and how would he pass through the difficult times in his life, if there wasn’t she by his side to cover his back every time he desperately needed. During their marriage they born three children: Jett Travolta was born in 1992, and died in 2009, Ella Blue Travolta born in 2000, and Benjamin who was born in 2010. Their family will never be same without Jett but Benjamin appearance in their life has become a true miracle, which reminded the movie due to which John has became that popular- the movie “Face Off”.

Marcia Cross

Marcia CrossOne of the “Desperate Housewives”- the actress Marcia Cross has become a mother for the first time in her life by the age of forty five years old. Just like her character Bree Van De Camp, Marcia was always living according her own rules, and she was always thinking that everything should be done only in the right way and in the right moment, so as soon as she has found a right man for herself she has decided that the time for a baby has come. In September 2006, her representatives have announced the news that she is pregnant, and in February 2007 were born the twins: Eden and Savannah. It is interesting the fact, that Marcia began dating with the father of her twins in the beginning of the year 2006, it was the actor Tom Mahoney, and as soon as she met him she knew that he will become her husband, and he is the man she was looking for her entire life. They got married in less than half a year since their first date, and after almost eight years of marriage they are still happy and look at each other with same eyes full of love, as in the day they first met, that was the man who was certainly worth waiting for.

Celine Dion

Celine DionThe Canadian Diva and super star Celine Dion, was trying for a very long time to get pregnant and bore a child to her beloved husband Rene Angelil (whom she met when she was twelve years old, while he was thirty eight years old), there were taken many efforts, as well as a full list of medications were taken, but nothing was really much helping.  In 1995 the couple got married, six years later Celine has went through two surgeon operations in the reproductive medicine clinics, and only in 2001 there was born their first and long awaited child Rene-Charles. He became a real happiness in their family, and Celine has taken a time out in her carrier in order to dedicate the full time to her family. In 2010, by the age of forty two years old, Dion got pregnant again and by the end of October of the year 2010, she born the twins Eddie and Nelson. This way Celine’s biggest dream of having a big family of her own has come true, and in one of the interviews when she was asked about her dream, she replied that she doesn’t really have one, as the biggest dreams she ever had have already come true in her life, and there is no woman happier in the world than she is.

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2 responses to “Celebrity who became mothers after forty years old”

  1. Jared says:

    Just proves that when you’re filthy rich almost anything becomes possible. It is highly risky for an average woman to consider pregnancy after forty. Why with the baby coming out with a mustache and hair on its chest. No one will want to babysit such a child.

  2. Sally says:

    I know pregnancy can happen naturally for women in their forties. I know of regular women who have done so for decades now. However, I do believe that the celeb women who have twins in their forties are using fertility drugs or IVF. Conceiving twins naturally is still a rare thing so it could never be so common among such a small population (celeb women).
    Also, why is it the older celeb women who have twins and not the younger ones like Britney, Nicole Ritchie etc? If you weren’t having twins in your 20s & early 30s, it unlikely you’ll have them naturally in your 40s.