Channing Tatum: Gambit is not a typical superhero


Speaking to Collider, Channing Tatum has revealed that Gambit film is in the early stage at the moment, which means legalities and paperwork.

Gambit is about as happening as it possibly can. Right now it’s just with the lawyers and they’re all doing their stuff that I’m not involved in, but I’m about as in as I could possibly be,” the actor said.

Tatum has always wanted to play Gambit and now that it’s finally happening he says he will try and do a different portrayal of the Marvel Comics character.

He explained: ”We talked story, we’re getting into it–we’re gonna try to change up the superhero-type movie, maybe give us 'G.I.Joe: Retaliation' - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivalssomething a little different. In my opinion, Gambit is an outlier in the X-Men universe, he’s not a good guy in a way. He smokes, he drinks, he’s chasing women, he’s a thief. I’m not like an X-Men head but I just love him.”

”It could possibly be rated R, but I don’t think they’ll ever–I don’t know, we’re still in the very, very, early, early stages. We don’t even have a writer, we just talked very, very early stuff,” Tatum added.

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