Channing Tatum sends special video message to a fan with cancer


Alisa Finley is an 18-year-old girl from Kansas who has been diagnosed with stage-4 brain tumor.

She has a Facebook group dedicated to her and there is a list of things she would like to do in life. One of her biggest wishes was a kiss from Channing Tatum and even though he couldn’t make a trip to Kansas, the actor sent her a personalized video message.

The footage for Alisa was made at the Oscars and shows Channing and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum singing along to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

In the video, Tatum says, “Hey Alisa, what’s going on? It’s Chan… Hi… Just wanted to send you a little vid and say what’s up. Hope you’re doing good today. We made a little ditty, a little song for you… Just know that you’re loved and that we’re giving you a big ol’ kiss from over here.”

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2 responses to “Channing Tatum sends special video message to a fan with cancer”

  1. Samuel says:

    If I were Channing Tatum I’d find out how many months she has left. Because if it’s less than nine he can raw dog it.

  2. Brad says:

    That’s so nice of him! U would never hear of the kartrashians doing anything nice. Come on people we need more comments on this. If it was something trashy with Kim k or her family there would be hundreds of comments. The world is going to he** in a bread basket along with the kartrashians.