Charlie Sheen engaged to adult movie actress Brett Rossi

FX Summer Comedies Party After they flew to Hawaii on a private jet, Charlie Sheen proposed to his girlfriend Brett Rossi on Saturday morning, as People magazine reports.

Charlie’s publicist Jeff Ballard confirmed to People that he is now happily engaged to the young lady.

Rossi will be the 48-year-old actor’s fourth wife, after his marriage to Donna Peele ended in annulment and he divorced Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

Charlie himself announced his engagement to Brett – whom he affectionately refers to by her nickname – Scotty. He tweeted: “With all due respect to Donna – that maiden Klay-Vinn was annulled. Therefore, if “three” truly is a charm; The mashup/acronym of the real CS, (Charlie & Scottie) HAS to be; “Char-Charlie-Sheen-BrettM-stee…” xox c&s.”

Rossi also confirmed the happy news, as she told E! News: “Yes! We are engaged! He even was a gentleman and got down on one knee. I was not expecting it at all. We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day and he proposed to me early this morning after we watched the sun rise. The ring is classic and beautiful, but I don’t have any photos to share just yet. This is the happiest moment of both our lives. He’s my best friend and my soulmate.”


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One response to “Charlie Sheen engaged to adult movie actress Brett Rossi”

  1. Nicole says:

    The crazy house story goes on. I wished the couple was true each other soul mates and that this marriage would last. Still it sit e fourth Charlie Sheen’s marriage and she is porn star. Well, to me this is not a very nice perspective for a long lasting marriage. I hope it will last despite everything and that his beloved won’t turn into an ugly pig soon and I hope not scandals over the future kids and sharing custody would arise. This is simply something very private and it is dirty to behave the way Charlie is used to his ex wives. Though a proposal on the knee on St. Valentine ’s Day with a classic ring is indeed very romantic.