Charlie Sheen gets high school diploma

charlie_sheen Better late than never! Charlie Sheen finally got his high school diploma. The actor was supposed to graduate in 1983 with his classmates from Santa Monica High School but he was few points short of the requirement.

Instead of earning those extra credits needed, Charlie decided to pursue acting career so he never graduated until now.

He told TMZ: “It was a loose end that always bothered me. I just have this lifelong habit of never finishing things. The idea my parents had was for me go to summer school. My response was: ‘There’s school during the summer? That’s crazy!’ I could think of nothingcharlie worse in my first summer of freedom after all that time. I told them, ‘Let me go on some auditions and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go and get my GED and go to college.’ But I got the first job I went on. It was Grizzly II: The Predator, that horrible thing.”

Now that he has received his diploma, Sheen is not sure where to display it. “I’m gonna get a spotlight, cordon the thing off. I think it should be put up somewhere, maybe in the kitchen. This, I think, is important to put up.”

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