Charlie Sheen: Kids are better off with Denise

charlie_sheen_625405 After the court’s decision to leave Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller’s sons Bob and Max under the custody of Denise Richards, Charlie admitted that the boys are better off with Denise than him or their mother.

A source told In Touch Weekly magazine: ”Denise and Charlie have a very close relationship now. He knew he could count on her. Charlie knows he can’t take care of them on his own. He never tried to get his boys back. He knows he’s not the best hands on father but he does love his kids.”

Brooke was admitted to rehab and she recently made a request for her brother to get the custody of the four-year-old twins so she could keep the child support money. However, her request was denied. A source said: ”The judge flatly denied Brooke’ request to have Denise stripped of temporary custody.”

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