Charlie Sheen’s ex released from rehab

brooke_mueller_672922 Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, has been released from rehab. She was treated for drug and alcohol addictions at a California-based clinic, while her and Charlie’s four-year-old twins Bob and Max were living with another of Charlie’s ex-wives, Denise Richards.

Reportedly, Brooke will be granted supervised visits, so she will get to see the boys three days a week.

A source told ”Social workers from the Los Angeles County of Department of Children and Family Services recommended that Brooke be allowed to have increased visitation. She will have visits with Bob and Max twice during the week and once on weekends. Brooke had wanted overnight visits and pushed hard for no supervision from a monitor, but that request was denied, at this time. The agency didn’t feel she was ready to have the boys on her own, just yet.”

Mueller lost custody of the twins in May after she overdosed of crystal methamphetamine and was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold.

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One response to “Charlie Sheen’s ex released from rehab”

  1. Amy says:

    I see another relapse in her future. She is too old and been using hard core drugs too long to get and stay clean and sober. Sorry just the truth. It would be a pity to confuse her boys again and send them back and then end up with another Child Protective Services removal. How many times had she gone to rehab, just saying.