Charlie Sheen’s rep dismisses ‘Anger Management’ production delay allegations


Charlie Sheen’s rep has dismissed the reports saying the actor missed several days of work on Anger Management set in recent weeks, thus causing the show’s studio, Lionsgate, to push production beyond what was planned and to use stand-ins for the actor in certain scenes.

Charlie was said to have failed to show up for work several times in the past few weeks. A Lionsgate spokesperson doesn’t want to comment on the situation. Sheen’s representative, Jeff Ballard, has denied the allegations.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: “We did not shoot last week because another member of the cast was sick. Charlie is always ready, willing and able to shoot Anger Management and looks forward to returning on Monday.”

Lionsgate and TV network Fx agreed to pick up a total of 100 episodes of Anger Management in 2012. The sitcom is set to generate between $350 million and $500 million in revenue if it completes the 100-episode order.

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One response to “Charlie Sheen’s rep dismisses ‘Anger Management’ production delay allegations”

  1. Mark says:

    I am glad to hear there won’t be any delays in Anger management. Despite the scandalous reputation Charlie is working hard on these TV series and is definitely coming up with the great results. I wish him a great family life with hi new beloved and I hope he would be able to control his own rage especially in the address of his exes. He hasn’t been a gentleman lately to say mildly.