Charlize Theron has neck surgery

charlize-theron-2013 Back in 2005, Charlize Theron suffered a spine injury on the set of movie Aeon Flux while doing stunts. However, the actress only recently decided to undergo neck surgery.

A source tells, “Charlize got injured on a set and broke a vertebrae years ago. It’s been bothering her a lot lately so she had surgery to correct it and they had to go through her neck… She will be totally fine. She plans just to hang out and rest all weekend and recuperate.”

Charlize didn’t publicly speak about the procedure, but she was spotted wearing a neck scarf over a small bandage while attending Variety magazine’s 5th Annual Power of Women event in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday.

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One response to “Charlize Theron has neck surgery”

  1. Jennay says:

    Nowadays she looks skinny and pale. But she still looks very beautiful (glad to see that her hair are a little longer).
    Hope that she’s going to be ok.
    I’m sure that being a single parent is not very easy. Perhaps its time for her to find a man. She have been single now for 4 years. And little Jackson needs a dad, I think. A male role model.
    Or is she planning to stay single indefinitely?
    But please, not Seth Macfart.