Cher slams her record label

cher-celebrities-appear-on-wetten-dass_3894166 After some negative reviews of her new single Take It Like a Man, Cher took to Twitter to lash out at her record label company.

The Diva accused Warner Brothers of not being interested in her new album and not caring about her success.

Cher released her 25th studio album, Closer to the Truth, last September and she believes that label executives haven’t made enough effort. She has blamed Warner Brithers after she read a “mean” review for the music video for her latest single, Take It Like a Man.

“The video had nothing 2 do with me. I was told it would only be shown in gay bars. It’s true Wb’s (Warner Brothers) hasn’t got a Great Deal of Interest In My Cd,” Cher tweeted.

However, she admitted that there are still some people on her side, adding:  “Not All, There R Hard Working Adorable Ppl, But Decision Makers Don’t Seem 2 Care That Much. It’s Ok Yhstlom.

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One response to “Cher slams her record label”

  1. Charlie says:

    We are all human and we are all not satisfied with some services we get in our life. I can understand why Cher is not happy with Warner Brothers. Still, I know that Cher is a real bitch in life and requires a VIP attention and attitude. Well, even though she is a popular talented woman, this doesn’t allow her to treat people with such an attitude. IMHO!