Chris Brown blames former manager for song leaks

chris-brown Angry that some songs from his upcoming album have leaked, Chris Brown took to Twitter to lash out at his former manager, Tina Davis.

Blaming her for the problem, Chris wrote: “My old manager is leaking my new album music and refuses to give me my back up hard drive to sabotage my album. That’s F’d up G!”

Tina immediately responded to the singer’s tweet, urging him to find the real culprit.

“@chrisbrown Trace it! Find out where it originated from… Rca can do that for you. Then send a defaming tweet out on who really did it,” she wrote.

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4 responses to “Chris Brown blames former manager for song leaks”

  1. Tory says:

    Well, who is the real stealer of the new upcoming songs? I believe this will be hard to detect. With the interest and common access to the web, it has become rather easy to steal things, including new hits of the pop singers. Still, who allowed this information to leak is the question. I can understand why Chris Brown is so angry. If I were him, I would be furious as this requires tons of work and time and then someone takes the ready hit and steals it.

  2. Katy says:

    Seriously? I am wondering is there any, at least any person still interested in Chris Brown’s songs after what he has done to Rihanna? I do not respect him at all, and honestly speaking I do not like listening to people whom I do not like as personalities. I am sure he has lost the biggest part of his fans as well as friends after this kind of behavior. So now, due to the fact that he became not popular at all, he is trying to show off by his behavior and not “talent”, first he was all checking in and out in a rehab, and now I have no idea what is he doing now, why is he being mean to his former manager if it is quite obvious that she doesn’t have any fault for anything. Well anyway he surely tries to find a person guilty for everything, as it is much easier to blame anyone around, anyone except you.

  3. April says:

    I guess this time Chris Brown is really overreacting, and I can’t wait till the moment when someone will finally stop him, it is not normal to behave like that. The first thing I cannot understand is how did he get away with all the things he have done to Rihanna, she was suffering so much after what he has done to her, he almost killed her, and never sat in jail for it, as he suppose to, as being a singer doesn’t mean not corresponding to the same rules as for every other regular person. And now I do not understand how come he is obvious aggressive behavior is not being punished again, I think that he is a real threat for the society and for the minds of the young people who are following his songs.

  4. Rhonnie says:

    Awe come one Chris Brown, just give me a break, it already becomes something hilarious seeing what other new thing he will make up in order to turn the attention upon himself, he is acting like a little child who wants some attention and does anything in order to earn it, the only difference is that if it looks funny and cute while seeing a child gathering attention, it is not funny at all watching an adult person using all the gross ways for it. The only good thing that he did for the past few years was apologizing to Rihanna live on TV, though I am sure he has done this thing only because he wanted her to drop his charges upon him, so he will not go to jail, I am sure he is not sorry for the things he did, it is obvious according to the things he does.