Chris Brown to stay in jail until April 23


After getting kicked out of a Malibu rehab center on Friday, Chris Brown was transferred to a correctional facility in Los Angeles and he will stay there until April 23.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Brandlin said Chris had been removed from a rehab program after he touched a female, failed to take a drug test, and made threats.

The singer was led into court in an orange jumpsuit. His mother cried as he was sentenced to stay in jail for another month.

The judge said he was concerned that Brown allegedly stated “I am good at using guns and knives,” during group therapy in rehab.

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5 responses to “Chris Brown to stay in jail until April 23”

  1. Vanessa says:

    Jail is the best place for such behavior like Chris Brown showed recently. Rehab is too light way for him and he needs to get his punishment to learn the lessons to stay way from troubles and not abuse people, especially those, who are weaker than him. Poor mother has to come through all this. I hope Chris Brown will learn the lesson from this situation. If not, he will never change the orange robe for a descent suit.

  2. Craig says:

    Dangerous people should remain in jail. When people cannot control their anger and become dangerous for the society, they should go to jail rehabs are nice, but they are for the people, who have mental disorders. When people are healthy from mental point of view, but are prone to brutalization and rape, then they should be in jail. If Chris Brown goes the same way he has chosen, he will never change the orange robe, no matter whether his mom cries or not. This is the sad reality and I feel pity for this poor woman.

  3. Giselle says:

    Awe for God’s sake just live him in the jail for a few years, as that is exactly what Chris Brown deserves. I mean if he wouldn’t be a star would he ever get all of the benefits with rehab programs and stuff? Of course not, and I don’t like that he is being judged not on the same basis as all the regular people around him are. That is not fair, and it is not something that is supposed to be going on. After he beat Rihanna in such a cruel manner, and she barely stayed alive, how is it possible that he was not sentenced to jail for a few years for committing something like that, especially considering the fact that the entire world knew he did that with her? Of course he learned nothing, as he didn’t get any punishment for it, and I am sure that in these circumstances he will do it again, and if someone will catch him, than he will pretend he is sick and will go to a new rehab, that’s it, easy. I am ashamed to live in the country who allows a drug addicted person being a public figure and bringing some message with his songs to the new generations.

  4. Tina says:

    Wow, Chris Brown again, I am sick and tired reading about this kid that knows only how to create problems to all the people surrounding him. What the hell is his problem and why is he behaving this way? I guess that is something I will never be able to understand, as well as I don’t feel sorry for his mother even for a tiny little second, as she did deserved that for growing such a monster as Chris. I am a person who believes that our children are the reflection of us, their parents, so the more love, care and intelligence we give to them, the better people they are growing and becoming. While Chris is a very mean person, even the look on his face on this picture is a very aggressive one. It is like saying “as soon as you will leave me going the hell out of here I will show you my anger”.

  5. Leyla says:

    I am wondering will ever the subject about Chris Brown going in and out of jail or rehab ever end. He is already becoming a huge headache for me, and I hate that. Instead of reading some good things about nice people, I keep seeing all this crap about Chris. I feel very sorry for his mother, that is clearly suffering a lot because of him, but there is nothing she can do in order to change something now, as she will not be able to do something until the time when Chris himself will want that. Right now all I am seeing is that for him it is very easy to hide under the rehab thing and keep stating that he has some physic diseases, but in this case what the hell is he looking outside, if he is sick he is supposed to stay at hospital for as long as it will be needed until the time when he will get better.