Chris Brown to stay in rehab

chris-brown-performs-on-the_3842826 Despite the prosecutor’s efforts Chris Brown will not end up in jail. Instead, he will stay in rehab, an LA Judge ruled.

The singer is currently completing a 90-day court ordered stint in rehabilitation for anger management issues, and appeared at Los Angeles Superior Court for a hearing over an alleged assault in Washington D.C. last October.

As TMZ reports, prosecutors claimed “Brown’s violent behavior continues to increase in severity and frequency” and he presents “an increasing danger to society.”

However, Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin ordered Brown to continue his stay in a treatment facility for substance abuse and anger management because “is doing well in the program and making great strides”.

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4 responses to “Chris Brown to stay in rehab”

  1. Philip says:

    What a heck is happening with the world? Why people are so angry? How people, who were blessed with so much in life can be angry? Why people simply cannot control their anger? I see rehabs have become so popular these days, maybe just because people have lost the fear to be relay punished? I am not here to contradict the judge, but the jail would do!

  2. Caren says:

    I hate Chris Brown since the time when he beat Rihanna, I don’t really understand why didn’t anyone put him to jail that time, it was obvious and well known that he done that, instead of that he just kept living his life all like before, of course that has given him the thought that he is almighty and can do whatever he wants, so he kept living his life same as usually, as he never learnt the lesson. And I hate the fact how people are doing bad things, and think that it is ok as soon as they will say out loud “I am sorry”. I remember I was reading a book once where was written a simple thing, and I was completely amazed by the depth of the thought in a simple thing. A husband and wife were fighting a lot, and the only thing husband was doing I saying “sorry”, so once his wife gave him a cup and asked him to break it, so he did that, after he broke the cup she said: “ok, now tell to the cup that you are sorry, and let’s see how it will become same as it was before you broke it”. So that was truly amazing for me to read that, and helped me understanding better what is right, and what is not really right in this world.

  3. Tara says:

    I am wondering is it some sort of new fashion in Hollywood that everyone goes to rehab, just like it is their second home. When did it become something normal, as I think recently I read mostly about stars going to rehab, at least I read about it much more than I read of people who are dating or getting married, or would have a baby and so on. Before rehab, it was sort of fashion thing to adopt a baby, and the darker is the skin of the baby and from the poorer country that baby was, the better it was for the stars, while now it is all about rehabs and drugs, and getting rid of stuff. I guess there is no rehab for people like Chris Brown, and I was really shocked than Rihanna returned to him a few years later after what he did to her. If people are aggressive, and had some bad childhood for example, than there are not much things you can do in order to change that, so I guess same is situation with Chris. Nothing will ever change him, the only person who can help him to get over his bad character and habits is him, and no matter how hard doctors around him try to make him better, or to “fix” him they will always fail until he would really want to help them out, at least this is the situation I see about him.

  4. Cara says:

    I hope someone will close him in this rehab center and Chris Brown will stay there for good, this dude is so aggressive, it seems like he hates everything around him, and he hates the entire world for some reason. Get over it dude, no matter how many problems you have, and what things you have been through during your entire life you need to learn how to face everything that comes on your path decently, otherwise that wouldn’t be a good thing. You are not only hurting people around you who care about you a lot, but you hurt yourself as well, and that is not nice at all. I guess the roots of this behavior come to the early childhood, when his parents were so busy with their own problem that they stopped caring a lot about their kid, and while feeling lonely and neglected children usually start doing bad things and aggressive behavior, that helps them not suffering so much.