Chris Hemsworth: ‘Computer lessons are boring’

chris-hemsworth Actor Chris Hemsworth is set to star in a new action thriller where he plays a computer genius and he had to take computer lessons to prepare for this role.

Chris worked with of a teacher from UCLA to help him with the character, but the actor describes the classes as boring.

He explained: ”I did two months of computer lessons before we started shooting. This computer teacher with a Ph.D. from UCLA would come into this little room and give me lessons in Unix commands and whatnot. It was exciting for the first day or two, then I was like, ‘Oh no, this is why I didn’t take a desk job.’ I drank more coffee than I’d ever had in my life, because it was literally putting me to sleep.”

chris-hemsworth-thorThe computer lessons didn’t really turn Chris into a hacker, but they did help him improve his computer skills.

”I learned to type for one. I can’t say I can hack into your Swiss bank account, but I can pretend to. There’s an intelligence to this character that’s certainly beyond my intelligence and some of the characters I’ve played before. They can make me smarter in the editing,” he added to Details magazine.

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