Chris Hemsworth didn’t use stunts for driving scenes in ‘Rush’

chris-hemsworth In an interview with Total Film magazine, Chris Hemsworth reveals that he did most of the driving in his new movie Rush by himself. Chris, who plays lead Formula 1 racing driver, James Hunt, in the forthcoming biopic, didn’t want to let the stunt team do all the work but admits that it was a nerve-wracking experience.

He said: ”We did a lot of stuff whipping around the track with cameras mounted into our helmets or on chassis of the car. But the most nerve wrecking stuff were the shots where we pull into the pits, flip the visor up, deliver dialogue and pull out all in one shot. There are people standing around, there are cameras, there are extras, there’s things to hit … It’s one thing for me to go floating off on the track on my own, but if I’m careening into a crowd of people it’s a little worse.”

chris-hemsworth-rushEven though Chris wasn’t a Formula 1 fan when he was younger, he grew up surrounded with motorbikes and adrenalin. ”My dad used to race superbikes before I was born and continued to be part of that world, so I was always around that kind of adrenaline fuelled energy,” he said.

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