Chris Hemsworth worries about being seen as ”boring”

Chris-Hemsworth-Thor-The-Dark-World-LA-Premiere-6 Unlike many other movie stars, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t want to reveal much about his personal life.

The actor, however, feels that he might be perceived as boring because of that.

He told Details magazine: ”The biggest thing is you worry about being boring. I’ve worked with plenty of directors who are like, ‘Yeah, but what’s in there? Tell me about that time … ‘ And I’m like, ‘Listen there is something in there, but I ain’t gonna tell you and exploit it.’ I hold that stuff pretty close. We all like the drama of the wildest personalities, but I’m not going to invent something to wallow in just to make me sound interesting.”

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One response to “Chris Hemsworth worries about being seen as ”boring””

  1. Sam says:

    Yes, Chris is right, personal life is personal and better kept private. I respect this attitude, especially by the men. Still, he is right as this way he risks becoming a not interesting character for mass media and his auditory. I do not know why, but people just like finding out breaking news, discuss celebs a life drama and personal life. This is just our curious human nature. What can we do about it? The world has been this way all the time.